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Just a note:
If you are using the Fat Secret app on yr PC or DROID, the app DOES come with the bar code scanner. I was shocked, when I downloaded the Amazon app on my kindle that there is NO BAR CODE SCANNER and no ...
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Hi, you got 2 for the price of one!
Both my husband and I joined will see both mitzkity and catzcradle around here. We ordered our phones at midnight, just before, actually, (that first day) and had overnight shipping...but ...
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Feature Request - Close CardioTrainer Integration
I see a number of posts from folks who use CardioTrainer, as do I. I sure hope that the Fatsecret product managers track these forums. I'd like to ask that the company get together with the folks who ...
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Calorie Counter
Loving this app. As a 40 something, I'm learning how to make smarter decisions, and develop new habits, and this helps alot!
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started by kiwiguy, 6 years ago.   
I love the Droid app...!
I love the Droid app. It works great! I use it either before or while eating to track my meals and see where I am calorie/carb wise. This thing is as "Handy as a pocket on a shirt" as my b ...
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started by bigstew53, 6 years ago.   
also new
I have been on a real low lately, and needed something to help me out. so I found the calorie counter. This thing is awesome. I had always found that writing down everything I eat helps me to make better ...
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New to FatSecret/CalorieCounter/DroidX
I quit smoking in June and put on about 25lbs since then. I found the calorie counter mobile app, downloaded it and began making entries yesterday. I also have some Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Digestive ...
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started by David Hewitt.   
Barcode reader
Fatsecret says that their droid app can be used as a barcode reader for new product inserts. Has anyone found this to be true? I have a Sprint HVC 4. Don't know where to find it.:?:
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Hi my name is Melissa! I downloaded the calorie counter a week ago and it has srly changed the way I eat and workout. I also recently downloaded a pushup app because I literally how know arm strength, ...
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started by meli_jeli. FREE
I just used this app last night for my run. WOW, It was great. After you down load it you need to sign up on the website so it will save your run data. The best part is it is free. The voice that tells ...
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New to this group and love this app
I am new too this group but love the Calorie Counter app. I use it in conjunction with the CardioTrainer app to track my workouts. This has never been easier. I tried it with a spreadsheet once but trying ...
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Reach goel weight with droid
I made my goal weight today. I did it solely by using my Droid app for FatSecret and Calorie Counting. I did not go to a gym or use any exercise plan. Now I think I will try to lose another 15 pounds. ...
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DaiyNutrient -- A simple tool for Android Users
[url= Nutrient[/url] is a simple nutrient tracker for FatSecret users. After authentication, FatSecret Users can see their nutrient intake real-timely. Users also can compare ...
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started by zad, 7 years ago.   
Getting started
Trying to get things setup to track my diet and workout plan. Getting my home gym within 10 days, and will follow the diet that comes with it. I am also using jet fit, but the free version. Anyone else ...
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started by Czarcastic, 7 years ago.   
Problems With App?
Has anyone been having trouble w app? If so post fixes here. I personally have not but I hear that there could be problems. Thanks Ben
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started by rnbigguy.