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Posted: 04 Dec 2012, 12:05
and I can't figure out what is "not" happening. I quit smoking about 6 weeks ago. Stopped drinking all soda and energy drinks about 5 weeks ago. Started drinking my 8's of water daily. Then started Atkins 4 weeks ago. I have not lost any weight over my average of water weight flux of 5 lbs a month. It does not make me feel any better to weigh 5 lbs less one week to just have it be there again the next week and then to be gone again. I hate that flux in weight. I have a job that I am up walking (no resting) for 8 hours a day plus strenuous activities. I have five children at home with the youngest being 16 months. I am not the most physically active person but I am not sedentary either. I thought with dropping the soda I would at least lose 5 lbs there. Then with all the water I thought that would easily be another 5. And when I dropped my calorie intake from 2400-2700 daily to less than 2000 with the low-carb intake I thought some weight would come off. I am at 40% body fat right now and I know that the fat has to come off but I really dont think I need to put any more muscle on. I am a very strong woman as it is. I am at a loss at what else it is I need to tweak on my Atkins. When I cheat, like on turkey day I had a slice of pie, I will be honest with myself and admit it. Anyone seeing anything that I am not?

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Posted: 04 Dec 2012, 12:33
You have a LOT going on, and with 5 kids, you really don't have to worry about exercise!

Of course it's frustrating to be on a program that seemingly isn't working the way you expect it to. You've got some good things going for's just a matter of time to get them all working together for you. I give you TONS of credit for stopping smoking! And to give up those sodas and energy drinks as are some kind of Superwoman!

I took a peek at your food diary and came up with a few observations which I will PM to you.

Stay right on plan for a solid week or two, logging each and every meal - no exceptions - and I think you'll be well on your way.

Oh....and ditch the Atkins bars for now, unless it's an emergency. You can always test them later on in your journey.

Good luck!