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Posted: 19 Jan 2010, 07:10
There are many just starting and looking for a hand here with their menu. If you need help post here so those of us who have been doing Atkins for awhile can help you get it all in order..

Starting off well is a great way to put down a good foundation that will take you all the way to GOAL!!!


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Posted: 20 Jan 2010, 23:55
How do I cope with friends who are horrified at the high-fat content of Induction? Many of them have been told by doctors to eat a low-fat diet, and all the popular magazine diets stress low fat.

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Posted: 29 Jan 2010, 00:07
Check out What Mike Davis found:

Here is only "Part" of the information found on the link above!

I would never have considered reading Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution if not for the fact that my wife’s father and grandfather were both put on the Atkins Diet by their doctors within two weeks of each other.

Since Gary Taubes’ article (“What If It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie”) appeared in the New York Times Magazine in July of 2002, the Atkins diet has been receiving more and more press about the possibility that it is a health-conscious diet (and not simply a tool for rapid weight loss). Although Taubes himself does not make this claim outright in the article, he dances around it suggestively enough to have opened the floodgates for a great deal of pro-Atkins propaganda when he says, “I have read the papers suggesting that 20 years of low-fat recommendations have not managed to lower the incidence of heart disease in this country, and may have led instead to the steep increase in obesity and Type 2 diabetes.”

Those who have read Atkins’ New Diet Revolution know that where Taubes uses “may,” Atkins himself uses “did.” For Atkins and his followers, the low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet advocated by the United States Department of Agriculture and endorsed by the American Medical Association did lead to the slow poisoning of a generation of Americans—those of us who have been educated, since the 1980s, to exclude fats as much as possible from our diets in favor of carbohydrates. In Atkins’ opinion, the popularity of the carbohydrate-rich diet is the result of a confusing web of ignorance, shame, greed, and good intentions. America’s farmers (who produce staggering amounts of corn, wheat, and other grains) clearly have a stake in convincing the population that such foods are good for them. And American consumers tend to prefer carbohydrate-based foods because they cost less and keep longer than fat-based foods. Then too, fat has nine calories per gram, whereas carbohydrate comes in at only four calories per gram, so nutritionists have long assumed that those who want to eat more without suffering the consequences of weight gain should opt for carbohydrates over fats. In other words, market conditions and ignorance of endocrinology combined to lead people to the conclusion that fat-reduction was the key to a healthy diet.

In New Diet Revolution, Atkins cries, “Balderdash!” over and over again in response to this prevailing view. He cites studies (without always explaining their methodologies) and provides anecdotal evidence in his attempt to persuade the reader that carbohydrates—not fats—are the cause of what he calls America’s “twin epidemics” of obesity and diabetes. To the best of my understanding, his argument can be summarized as follows:

1) The human body must burn either carbohydrates or fats for energy.
2) Given the choice, the body will always opt to burn carbohydrates over fats.
3) Because we tend to eat too much, our bodies store the excess fuel that we consume as body fat.
4) Whether this excess fuel enters the digestive system as carbohydrate or as fat, it ends up as body fat.
5) Body fat is stored energy, and the body has no incentive to break into this “reserved” energy supply unless its preferred source of energy (eating) is calorically insufficient for the body’s purposes.
6) Caloric insufficiency may be induced by using more fuel (exercising) or by reducing/eliminating fuel intake.
7) The reason the body opts to burn carbohydrates over fats is that carbohydrates can be burned more efficiently.
Cool Because fats are an inefficient fuel source, it actually takes more energy to run the human body on fat than on carbohydrate, which means that you can consume more calories on a fat-diet than you have traditionally consumed on carbohydrate-diets and still lose weight.
9) Because it takes more energy to burn fats than to burn carbohydrates, Atkins asserts that there is a “metabolic advantage” to high-fat diets.

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Posted: 30 Jan 2010, 10:30
I am just starting out and would love help on making sure what I am eating is correct. Do I need to watch fat

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Posted: 14 Feb 2010, 18:41
Hello everyone, tomorrow (2/15) will mark the completion of my first week on Atkins...I am down 10 lbs. I've had a hard time figuring out what the best way is to track my net carbs, today I decided to use and no matter where you look the amount for net carbs is different (fatsecret vs. atkins gram counter). Whats the best option for tracking??

Also fresh/frozen or is canned veggies allowed?

I'll take any suggestions...THANKS ! =)

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Posted: 14 Feb 2010, 20:47

So far fatsecret has been working well for me. I don't know if anything is 100% absolute. Maybe someone here knows better than I.

As far as veggies go, fresh is always best. Frozen is the next option. The reason for that is because in those states more of vitamins and the nutrients are preserved. Canned vegetables contain a lot of sodium which is bad for water retention. That is the one thing I would keep in mind about them.

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Posted: 14 Feb 2010, 20:49

On Atkins you don't need to watch fat. Eating fat burns fat on this diet.

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Posted: 15 Feb 2010, 08:04

Highly recommend that you go to this site and do the lesson on Induction.


What Don (moderator on the Atkins site) recommends is pick one and stick with it.

My opinion is that fatsecret is much more accurate because it is based on the USDA database. Just be careful to use the "raw" food wherever possible and check the entries since you have the ability to use other people's manually created foods.

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Posted: 15 Feb 2010, 14:24
Thanks everyone for your replies, I appreciate it. I guess my other question that I'm struggling with is that, I read the Atkins book, but I guess I have some confusion regarding the amount of carb intake from veggies/salad veggies....I know the max carb intake is 20g carb..12-15g of which is veggies/salad the book it says 1-2 cups salad veg (lettuce, mushrooms) and one cup of other veggies...but that doesn't account to 12-15carbs! Should I specifically watch my carb intake to equal 12-15 net carbs?...or only eat the 2 cups salad veggies and 1 cup other veggies?

Yesterday in my food diary I ended up eating approx 15 net carbs for my entire day (meat, cheese and veggies)...I'm confused/concerned that I'm not doing things right and the book didn't really explain a whole lot. I want to use this site as my journal, just confused on how to work out my carb intake and keep it balanced...any suggestions would be appreciated !! Thanks a bunch =)

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Posted: 15 Feb 2010, 19:55
The cups thing is old. It was an estimation because most people didn't have scales. It is VERY inaccurate.

Get a digital scale and weigh everything.

Try putting your foods into fatsecret in advance. That way you will know in advance if you need to bump up your carbs.

Onions and brussle sprouts are great high-carb choices in the Induction list. Salad veggies aren't the best choice when you want to bump up your carbs, lettuce is like .4 carb per ounce.

Don't worry, noone gets it 100% right the first time.


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Posted: 28 Feb 2010, 15:47
I need some idea on breakfast foods. Eggs are not really an option, ever since I had my gallbladder removed, I haven't been able to eat them without having to run to the little girl's room. Also, I need something quick and easy since I get up at 4:30am. I really don't feel like cooking in the morning. Any ideas??

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Posted: 28 Feb 2010, 15:49
the flax seed muffins in a minute are good, if you pre measure the ingredients the night before..just mix in an egg and some butter, nuke it for a minute and voila....

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Posted: 01 Mar 2010, 15:41
You are not limited to "breakfast" foods. You can have leftover steak, chicken, etc... check out the recipes on this site and there are lots of sites with low carb recipes you can try as well. Good luck!

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Posted: 03 Mar 2010, 09:36
I am starting today - I am also on the Atkins forum. Any help I can get would be great! My metabolism changed with my medicine and my activity levels have changed so much since I started my new career. I intend to post all my mistakes in my food log to hold myself accountable. I think this has been a problem for me in the past - just "ignoring" my mistakes.... Smile

So, any buddies and encouragers would be appreciated! 50 pounds to go!

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Posted: 03 Mar 2010, 09:38
imitedlay7 wrote:
I need some idea on breakfast foods. Eggs are not really an option, ever since I had my gallbladder removed, I haven't been able to eat them without having to run to the little girl's room. Also, I need something quick and easy since I get up at 4:30am. I really don't feel like cooking in the morning. Any ideas??

Hey girl - I have to get up at 4:30 am too! I love all the breakfast recipes people give, but when you get up that early an extra five or six minutes usually just doesn't happen.

The shakes have been a lifesaver for me personally. I only drink one for breakfast. It's easy, good for the car, and keeps me pretty full till my mid-morning snack.

Also, ham and slices of cheese rolled up if I need something more substantial. That is working well and virtually no carbs (I do black forest ham, the brown sugar ham can have added carbs so watch out)

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Posted: 03 Mar 2010, 22:58
Great idea about the shakes. I really like them and I am getting tired of eating eggs so often.

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Posted: 07 Mar 2010, 00:19
I eat a pumpkin MIM when I work mornings.
Right now I'm eating pumpkin induction cookies (similar ingredients to the MIM, but don't have to cook them in advance and they make sure that I get my fiber for the day)

I LOVE the Jenny-O breakfast turkey sausage. I tend to steer away from the turkey meats (as substitute for something else), but the breakfast sausage is yummy!!!!

I'll also eat flax crackers with cream cheese or crab cheese spread.

Here is a good link with some ideas.

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Posted: 09 Mar 2010, 13:21
I started Atkins two weeks ago and lost 4 lbs the first week, now i have gained 4 1/2 lbs back, I have not been logging my food and I am starting today and hopefully with help i can figure out if i am doing something wrong or if I just need to be patient. I wanted to move on from Induction but I am thinking i will stay there for another week to see how I am doing. Any advice will be appreciated.

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Posted: 09 Mar 2010, 22:42
Writing all my food down is critical for me and I also try to enter my foods in the fatsecret diary ahead of time to see if I need to adjust my food plan a bit to stay within 20 carbs. Best of luck.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2010, 01:37
I think the best things I have done to make Atkins as easy as possible are:

1) I bought a digital kitchen scale. ($20 on Ebay)
2) Using this site for tracking everything.
3) I prepare foods in advance for the week so I can eat right even when I don't feel like spending much time cooking (which is most of the time). For instance, I cook a whole pkg of bacon & then keep it in the fridge. I also cut up vegies like onions, tomatoes, celery, asparagus, mushrooms, cucumbers, peppers, etc. so when I want a salad all I have to do is take what I want from the containers & mix with looseleaf lettuce, etc. I also hard boil a dozen eggs & keep in the fridge for quick snacks or to take with me when I'm going to be away from home for a few hours in case I get hungry.
4) I take my water bottle with me everywhere. (I also keep some individual packs of sugar free powder drink mix in my purse & gym bag that I can mix in a bottle of water if I get hungry to tide me over & keep me from driving through McDonalds if hunger strikes.)
5) Checking out all the great low carb recipes makes you realize how good we really have it. So many great menu ideas to choose from.
6) Purging my home of ALL foods that will derail my efforts. Just throw all the junk out so you won't be tempted to eat it!
7) After tossing out all the sugar laden foods, stocking up on sugar-free condiments & snack foods. (I love the Walden Farms sugar free dressings, BBQ Sauce, & Ketchup.)
8.) Got some good multi-vitamins to take every morning.
9) Ketone strips from WalMart ($7) that help me gauge if I'm on track with what I'm eating, i.e., in ketosis.
10) Not weighing myself every day.