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Announcement: OH Boy.. I see that while I have been busy ..
Some people have been trying to make trouble. The member in question is no longer part of this group. It is one thing to be snarky another entirely to post misinformation and scare people with lies ...
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Announcement: LOW CARB CRUISE -5th Annual
Come and join us in an awesome time!!!! http://www.lowcarbcruiseinfo.c... So I went on the low-carb cruise in May and it was awesome! Here is the link to the info on next year's cruise. Join us ...
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Sticky: Just starting out? Need some help? Please post here!!
There are many just starting and looking for a hand here with their menu. If you need help post here so those of us who have been doing Atkins for awhile can help you get it all in order.. Starting off ...
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Sticky: Welcome!!
There are a lot of misconceptions about Atkins. Lets clear some up.. Atkins is about learning to eat well. Good healthy whole foods. Lots of veggies and good proteins and fats while losing weight and ...
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Sticky: Can I eat (XXX) low carb food?
It seems that we are always discussing Atkins bars, low carb snacks, sugar free candies, low-carb tortillas, pasta and breads... So what is the answer? Can you have it? As with everything, it is com ...
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Sticky: Can I eat (XXX) low carb food?
(Oh yea..the link to his presentation is below...just go over to the right and click on his name) http://www.lowcarbcruiseinfo.c...
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Hey folks...a must see. This is a presentation by the maker of the documentary "Fathead" on the 2011 low-carb cruise.
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Sticky: Congratulations Baylor!!!
If you don't already know...Baylor's (our Administrator) success story is one that is shared in the new Atkins book! Super exciting!!! Her story is AMAZING to say the least! Congrats girl! You ...
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Hi everyone. I thought I read here about a week ago about cramping in the legs and what to take for it. There were some really good suggestions. I've been on low carb eating for a week now and last ...
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Happy Scale App - Recommended
Anyone use the Happy Scale app? I love it! You log your weight every day and instead of giving you an actual line graph, it graphs your predicted trend line once you have enough data entered. It takes ...
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started by sbw1987, 4 months ago.   
I blew it, but I'm back on track
I really blew it last week.:oops: Several days of holiday and poor planning resulted in a whopping 9 lb gain. I know most of it is water, but I feel lousy. I started having headaches again. My ankles ...
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Anyone ever done Atkins as vegetarian?
Has anyone ever tried to do low carb/Atkins as vegetarian?
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Atkins products? The devil!
Hi there! New to the group and new to FatSecret. I have tried all kinds of diets in my 40 years, and Atkins seems to be the only one that I can sustain with any real results. Have noticed that since ...
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Time to clear out the pantry again
Every year, about this time, the letter carriers of the US Postal Service collect food for families in need as part of the "Stamp Out Hunger" program. This year, the collection date is THIS ...
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started by Sandy701, 5 months ago.   
On this diet I feel great, the problem for me is I keep breaking the stick to it this week hard core and see if I can drop the scale again
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started by 2014Happy, 6 months ago.   
Water Intake.
I was wondering id there is a way to track water intake. How much is recommended? I've heard if you drink too much you can retain water. That is the opposite of what I thought was the case. :p
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