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Learning to live without a high salt diet can be daunting challenge for those who have medical conditions that mandate a "must do" control of sodium, and still maintaining taste and enjoyment of food.

The American Heart Association has recommendations for sodium (salt) intake. Learning to cook low sodium, or eat out low sodium can be a challenge, but is beneficial for everyone, not just those with medical conditions, but for those with heart failure and other conditions, it can be a life saver.


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High Sodium
I'm trying to reduce my daily intake of sodium, but according to FS mine is way over the limit (over 2500 mg). I don't eat out much, I limit my processed food intake, yet its still saying I'm ...
by onefatmamma on 15 May 13 01:07 PM
Low Sodium and eating out?!? Is it possible?
Frank, I am new to the group, and sorry no one has answered you yet. I have been watching my sodium for a while now and eating out or eating process food is a huge challenge.Basically most resturant ...
by Cabby Blanco on 24 Apr 13 10:28 AM
Never thought I would say this -- I needed more salt
I have been a fairly strict very low sodium diet (<2000mg/daily) for over ten years. About a month ago, I started on a ketogenic diet (very low carbs <10%/high fat >75%). The diet is going well, ...
by UjimaNell on 17 Jul 12 08:46 AM
CherBru, I sort of fell off the wagon in posting to the threads. Then in Januayr 2012 severely injuired my ankle and have not been able to walk much so fell off my diet, but not the low sodium, I've ...
by oxdrover on 07 Jun 12 08:32 AM
I need to take less salt
Hi everyone... I am a 58 year old male that weighed 110.5 kg's a year ago. I now weigh 97.4 Kg's. I am new to fatsecret. I joined 3 weeks ago and I have lost 2 Kg's through calorie counting ...
by Beervanger on 04 Apr 12 12:51 AM

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