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Whey Isolate Protein
This does not seem to be a "group"... or is it just a v-e-r-y silent group? Any protein shakes you'd recommend?
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Carb Nite Solution People... are you there?
Do you crave carbs following your carb load night? I thought I would but I've been o.k. I'm hot at night though, and a bit sluggish the next day. Any recipes you are enjoying enough to share?
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Are you following Carb Nite Solution 100%
I'm following pretty close to 100% ~ and I must admit, I thought I'd lose weight each and every week... but it ain't exactly going like that for me. I've gone up and down and today is ...
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Low Carb Receipes
Does anyone know if there is a way to filter thru the receipes to look for meals that are low in carbs or do I kinda just have to look thru all of them...
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New to this
Started this on Thu 5/23/2013. So far so good. Have stayed under 10 carbs a day and lost a few lbs. I know they were water, but less bloating is always good:)
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Hello Everyone
Just found this group and wanted to say hello. Tomorrow will be my second carb nite, and so far so good. I already weigh less than I've weighed in a decade. Bought a new scale 5 days ago, so all ...
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DH articles
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It's Carb Nite!!!
RAWR! Sushi! Dessert! NOM!
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