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Calorie Counter App
Hi. I'm new to the group. Just wondered how many of you use the calorie counter app on your phones and how it is working for you. I tried it a year ago & liked it. Then I had phone issues. Now, ...
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Four days down with P90X and every muscle in my body except for maybe my tongue is worn out and sore! I have also come to the conclusion I look like a cross between a chicken with it's head cut off ...
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Cincinnati Reds
Greetings! I just joined this group and of course I approve of all things Buckeye. I live in a south Dayton suburb and am a huge baseball fan. Anyone else out there looking forward to opening day in ...
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Anyone Still Here?
I was just wondering if anyone is still in this group? Saw "buckeyes" and thought "that's the group for me!"
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remove a group
I joined a group that i would like to get out of, does anyone know how to delete a group from my group list?
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We need a topic - BUCKS!
HOW COME I AM SO ADDICTED TO FOOD?????? What can keep me from wanting to eat so much? I am thinking about taking up another bad habit so I don't keep showing food into my mouth.... anyone have a ...
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