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This group is for bodybuilders only. This group is a community support system for bodybuilders alike. Post questions about nutrition or anything else about bodybuilding and group members will answer.


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Is this alive?
How many people are active on here. I just joined, but the last person that I looked at weighed in 2011, and other post were similar.
by adamevegod1 on 20 Feb 18 02:53 PM
3000 Calories Daily?
Hi, I have just the opposite situation. I am trying to gain weight and muscle mass. I am 50 yrs and currently weight in at 163.8. The goal is to reach at least 200 pounds.
by robertarmstrong on 26 Nov 17 11:34 AM
Trying to shred some body fat need a little advice.
So I'm trying to loose some body fat currently I'm at 15.5 percent BF, MM at 40.1%, body water at 64.8% weight is 161.5. Calorie intake is holding steady at 1800. I prep all my meals and count ...
by gilrocriv on 05 Jul 17 08:27 PM
Advice for Cutting phases, Dietary Or Training advice welcome
1. t3 50-125mcg a day 2. reduce carbs to under 50gr a day and increase fats and proteins
by tofsla on 06 Jun 17 09:20 PM
Your Opinion on Electronic Muscle Stimulation
It goes against everything I believe fitness to be about but I always try most things at least once. Has any one really incorporated this into their training routine?
by neon_iron on 19 Sep 14 07:59 AM

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