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bodybuggfanclub.com / Message Boards / User Forum
FYI - The message boards on the Apex Fitness web site are being shut down as a management decision. A user-managed web site has been created to continue the functions of the Apex message boards, but in ...
by tmcconn on 09 Nov 11 03:20 PM
Getting BB Calories Burned into FS Exercise Journal
That's so much easier than my way. Wow! To go the opposite way, to take calories eaten from here to the BB site, I set up a "food" equal to 100 calories per serving, then do it by meal. ...
by FlameIsLove on 03 Nov 11 12:57 PM
Roll Call - Is anyone using this group?
I've had my bodybugg almost a year now and I fell off the wagon completely. I hate entering food into their system so now I'm using it to track my calories burned alone and using FS to track my ...
by ArmyMustang on 15 May 11 12:23 PM
Thinking about buying GoWear FIT...any advice?
I just got mine and I love it. I got one from Ebay so i did not spend all that much.
by Poorthing on 27 Feb 11 04:28 PM
Body Measurements
Hey Army, which method did you use? I finally located my skin fold calipers and had my husband check 4 recommended sites. Came out to around 31%. Yuck. Went to the gym and had a trainer measure me. ...
by Sunshine99 on 22 Sep 10 05:25 PM

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