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It was a suggestion I read on one of a members journals and I thought we could give each other support and tricks on how to avoid a binge session and how to cope with the shame and disappointment that follow. You may call it a cheat day or overindulgence, but if you are worried you may fall into the trap of a binge-eating disorder, this is the place for you to share your concerns with other fellow dieters!

Prevalance of Binge eating disorder: 0.7% to 4% of the general population (NWHIC); 2-5% of adults (NIMH); 2% of adults (NIDDK); 2% adults or 1-2 million adults (NWHIC)


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Just had a binge.....
Chocolate chips left over from the holidays. Feeling sick. Wish I had not ate them. When I got them out, I "intended" to just have a few. Didn't happen. Home alone. Returned to work ...
by PinkRose88 on 14 Jan 14 05:49 PM
Need support
I hope you're seeing small changes.
by The Love of Fit on 13 Jan 14 09:29 PM
Hello, today is my epiphany
I am Curryluv and today is my epiphany. I have decided it is a process of losing not weight (although sure to follow) but a process of better health~ DUH. I am not going to overwhelm myself so therefore ...
by Curryluv on 06 Jan 14 02:41 PM
My binge eating is justified. I eat to zone out. to procrastinate. to stop the stomach pain that only goes away when i eat. kuddos to you for exercizing, you're a step ahead of me...I'm working ...
by Curryluv on 06 Jan 14 02:33 PM
Why do I keep doing this!!
So agree...our minds!! Thank you so much!
by PinkRose88 on 04 Nov 13 07:13 PM

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