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Hello all! Thought I'd drop a line and see who's out there :) I have a long history with just about every disordered eating but chew/spit. Currently I'm cycling between binge/purge and ke ...
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started by littlechanges, 2 months ago.   
Can anyone else sense or feel when a binge is coming on. For me I just know I have a feeling like im going to loose control.. My fight has been to find another trigger to stop,, I feel it so how do i ...
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started by donnaonthego.   
On my way to recovery
For the first time in years I can finally say I am a recovering binge eater. The help started with a therapy group that focused on individuals with eating issues. Keeping a food journal app has put ...
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started by Kitkat28, 10 months ago.   
is there a justifiable reason to binge eat? I have been exercising a lot today. and I have been eating a lot more. My biggest issue is what I've been eating. so my question is exercising a way that ...
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started by violet_selky.   
Just had a binge.....
Chocolate chips left over from the holidays. Feeling sick. Wish I had not ate them. When I got them out, I "intended" to just have a few. Didn't happen. Home alone. Returned to work ...
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started by PinkRose88, a year ago.   
Just had a binge.....
Check this out: http://meagansantos.lovemyace.... You sound just like me. ACE has helped my kick my sugar cravings to the curb and maintain a healthy diet. Please check it out, you will not regret it!!
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started by PinkRose88, a year ago.   
Need support
I need help. Hoping that this group is active and there are others here who have a binge eating disorder. Today is the day, I will focus completely and give every effort to not binge eat and overeat to ...
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started by craw405.   
Hello, today is my epiphany
I am Curryluv and today is my epiphany. I have decided it is a process of losing not weight (although sure to follow) but a process of better health~ DUH. I am not going to overwhelm myself so therefore ...
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started by Curryluv, a year ago.   
Why do I keep doing this!!
Bad night for binging.....candy. Made myself sick. Feeling bloated. Why do I keep doing this!! Just wish I could be around candy, or any other type of party food without making a pig of myself, then ...
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started by PinkRose88.   
I think ive beat Binge Eating!
Hello All, My binge eating was trigered by going on a restrictive diet following a small spell of anorexia tendencies. - Recovering from that led me to Exercise induced Bulemia (i couldnt throw up!) In ...
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started by LimaMichelle, a year ago.   
Anyone interested in some scientific info on binge eating and dieting?
Hi everyone, I've never had problems with binge eating until I went on a super restrictive diet and lost a ton of weight. To keep it off, I went on a low carb diet but often I would go on binges ...
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started by wairimu89, a year ago.   
Sick of Binging
I do so good during the day and when I get home I compile lots of different things and sit in front of the television, but thats not all, I keep getting up and getting more and more food and then I feel ...
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started by abuelitalinda.   
No activity
Is this the wrong group to join????? I don't want to hang if no one participates here? Let me know.
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started by deadcenter, a year ago.   
Topic of the Day April 10 - in Group Compulsive Eating, Overeating...
Food Oriented Holidays - How you deal with them, consumption and forgiveness Join us in the group Compulsive Eating, Overeating and Eating Disorders and tell us your story!
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started by woox2, 2 years ago.   
Topic of the Day April 10 - in Group Compulsive Eating, Overeating...
Well looks like I hit the grand slam tonight and gave a tip of the hat to each of you. :roll: I sat down to watch TV (watching Chopped is SUCH a rookie mistake - duh) and while I was on my butt I got ...
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started by woox2, 2 years ago.   
I'm here - But you may want to come over to Compulsive Eaters, Overeaters...
Hi there. You are right, there seems to be no movement to this group. I just posted a New Topic regarding a new group that I've just started - In Case This is Helpful - A New Group for Compulsive ...
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started by woox2, 2 years ago.   
Anayone here???
Hello, I am new here and felt quite a relief when I saw this group... yet no-one seems to be here? Would be nice to hear from others about how you manage to diet whilst at such high risk of bingeing. I ...
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started by Holsred.