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You are not alone. Millions of people suffer. You may purge everything and still be overweight. This is a supportive place for anyone who binges, eats, purges, weighs food in-food out, or exercises for hours to lose the calories eaten. No raised eyebrows or emails from 'concerned' people who have advice for you. Share tips and tricks to help you stay healthy


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Hard Group
This is a hard group to belong to - but you are not alone. You are in control
by SuzanneJ on 22 Jan 14 01:22 PM
It is nice to see a couple brave people stepping up and joining this group. Society puts a stigma on people - and of course, this is not a healthy way to eat. We know that. But neither is eating at a ...
by SuzanneJ on 19 Apr 12 10:17 AM
Welcome to anyone who binges, purges, starves or over exercises
Hi Julol. I think this group is hard to post to. Most of us are taught that our eating habits should define who we are as people. It amazes me that society says that we have problems, but many people can ...
by SuzanneJ on 15 Dec 11 06:25 PM
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Joyous Holidays, Happy Kwanzae, Seasons Greaetings
This isn't an active group. It is mor affirmative. Accepting what we do, who we are, and that there are worse behaviors than ours is supportive. I congratulate everyone who is brave enough to join ...
by SuzanneJ on 15 Dec 11 06:22 PM

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