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Me and Jorge

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Posted: 05 Oct 2010, 17:17
I haev been on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure for nearly a year. I met my goal weight, set it lower, and met that goal too. I really love this plan, and it has change completely how I eat and buy food. I have two young children and diabetes runs in my family, so I have been moving my kids over to the plan too. Jorge doesn't have a book on it, nor does he have one in the works (I asked his team) so I put together a big blog post about how I do the BFC with my kids. If you are interested you can read about it here:

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Posted: 19 Nov 2010, 12:41
Thanks for creating your blog for BFC kids and BFC Tracker. They are awesome! I agree that it would be great for Jorge to create a plan for kids.

Since I'm new to BFC, I'm curious about your initial success. Were you following one particular menu plan or jumping around? I'm nervous about adding so many grains back into my diet, since I was on Atkins.

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Posted: 14 Nov 2011, 13:08
ut try this.

1. watch what you eat. cut out all soda. coffee and tea is fine. limit your consumption to 2000 calories per day. and spread it out over 3 meals every 5 hours.

2. on the treadmill, job 5 miles a day, everyday for 14 days.

3. grab your resistance band, put it around your wrists, then grab your yoga ball and get in the push up position with the ball under your feet and your arms wide. then do knee tucks, driving your knees into your chest and roll back out with the ball. do as many reps as you can. then hold back in that push up position for 1 minute. repeat 3 times. this exercise is working your abs, hip flexors, shoulders, lower back, triceps and chest all at the same time.

4. then grab your 5 lb weights and do jumping jacks with shoulder presses with the 5 lb weight for 1 minute. rest 30 seconds and repeat 5 times.

5. finish with man makers. standing feet shoulder width apart, grab both dumbells, do a bicep curl, into a shoulder press, then drop down with weights in hand into push up position, now with one arm at a time, pull your right arm up and into your right chest and back down repeat with your left arm, then drop into a pushup. that's one manmaker. do 10.

fyi, you should do all 5 everyday. it will be very difficult, but if you can do it, you got a good shot of accomplishing your goal.