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Must be willing to try to lose weight, help others, spread the word to have others join in. We will be starting different challenges so that you always have something new to try. Come on and join for the fun and friendship!


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Thanks for your input. Lots of products, especially electronics, have good and bad reputations and sometimes if you get one that doesn't work precisely, getting the same type again can result in g ...
by Whodoctor on 10 Aug 14 11:57 AM
Walking to better your life...
Actually, you can get some reasonably priced pedometers that do a pretty good job of detecting the difference between actual steps and every little movement. I use an Omron HJ-321, and it doesn't ...
by notlivingonramen on 10 Aug 14 11:08 AM
Comfort foods...
Do you have a food that you use to rely on in times of trouble, stress or sadness? Try to change the foods you use to 'comfort' yourself in those times to something more healthy. Fruit and veg ...
by Whodoctor on 08 Aug 14 01:25 PM
New ways to lose weight
I'm asking everyone to put in for ways they think that everyone could try to lose weight. I would like to have these as simple, easy and short jaunts in weight loss so that no one will get tired or ...
by Whodoctor on 06 Aug 14 01:53 PM
Summer / Fall
Well, we're in the downslope from summer going into fall and the temperatures will start easing up around the state. I don't know about where you live, but I'm in NorthWest Arkansas and the ...
by Whodoctor on 06 Aug 14 01:37 PM

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