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Must be willing to try to lose weight, help others, spread the word to have others join in. We will be starting different challenges so that you always have something new to try. Come on and join for the fun and friendship!


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Another Hello from Jonesboro
I think the key to staying healthy (and at goal weight) is to find a "diet" that isn't really a diet (yes, I know how crazy that sounds). Pick changes that you will be able to keep up with ...
by HoBoMD on 30 Sep 13 03:52 PM
HEY from Jonesboro!!
Hey y'all.. Good luck with y'all goals!! If you need any support, ideas, tips or things that work for you, please share!! Thanks!! ;-)
by nikki2003 on 19 May 13 10:17 AM
Northwest Arkansas
I just started to see a weight doctor. So far I am on a pill and I have to count my calories. I been on here since Thursday. I have a puppy so I am going to use my puppy as a walking friend. I am open ...
by kaputnam on 28 Apr 13 06:59 PM
Trouble adding a recipe
I hope there are still members out there. I live in Clinton and was on Weight Watchers until I quit smoking. Gained what I lost plus some extra. I tried to submit a recipe I found on weight watchers and ...
by l8headley on 10 Jan 13 06:48 PM
Healthy Dining
It's nice to see this isn't *just* about weight loss, but also about healthy food choices as the two usually go hand in hand! Best of luck to all 8)
by Litegal1 on 10 Sep 12 07:12 AM

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