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This group is for the support and recovery of all those who are suffering from anorexia or who are close to someone suffering. So family and friends are welcomed as well. Anorexia has many faces, all types of people and, yes, all weights as well. Sometimes someone who is heavier can be affected, anorexia is still there, even if they aren't skinny yet and there are so many places that won't offer that support when it is most crucial, before it's too late.

This group is for all types of people who are affected by this horrid eating disorder, no matter gender, race or current weight. It also effects family and friends and they need support too, and maybe a group like this can help them understand what their loved ones are going through so they can try to give better help. We all need someone sometimes.


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Help my cousin
I have a cousin and he is anorexic, we are very close, but I dont know how to help him, any tips?
by IzadoraPotter on 09 May 16 03:25 PM
Been making some progress this week.
Aaaand back to lower amounts again. At least what I'm eating now is a lot healthier but I'm right back to not eating enough. Never easy, I always fall right back into old habits but, well, at ...
by ManVsAna on 22 Jul 13 06:39 AM
No one who needs help should be excluded
I would be delighted to hear what you discovered.
by Lovely Lavina on 06 Jul 13 07:10 PM
Trying to recover
I'm more than willing to be support for you and someone to discuss the issues with. Though I am not fully recovered myself I have in the past, I've just sorta relapsed again and am trying to get ...
by ManVsAna on 01 Jul 13 09:28 PM
How do you get yourself to eat enough?
I think I'm realizing one thing that's making it so hard for me to eat enough, I keep eating so much chicken, chicken is pretty low calorie, good for you, but pretty low calorie even in larger ...
by ManVsAna on 17 Jun 13 05:30 PM

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