Group Forum: How do I sync my phone and web site information?

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Posted: 04 Mar 2011, 17:34
Just loaded this onto my touch, but I can't sync with my online account. Anyone know what I need to do?

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Posted: 08 Mar 2011, 10:09
I've tried the Sync, but it tells me "Unable to retrieve your sync setting at this time, try back later"

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Posted: 11 Mar 2011, 08:48
I was able to sync mine but I had to chose which one's data to keep. I chose the phone as I didn't want to loose the food diary. As a result it looked like I'd gained 2 lbs.

I don't remember how I got it to sync, though.

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Posted: 02 May 2011, 10:25
do you connect the phone to the pc to do it as I cant find any setting to sync the two?
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Posted: 04 May 2011, 18:44
you do not need to connect your phone to your pc. in fact, you should pretty much NEVER have to do that.

if you open the app, in the lower left hand corner you should see an icon that looks like two arrows following each other in a circle that says 'sync' right below it. press it. hit ok. then it should let you log in your FatSecret user information.
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Posted: 08 Jun 2011, 17:19

That's strange because, using version 2.1.4 and pressing the sync button, I receive a toast notification saying "that feature will be available soon".

Is it because I use it using "france" in the settings? If yes, that's weird.


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Posted: 02 Jan 2012, 10:00
"that feature will be available soon" for me too. Italian version. Also cannot insert commas in fat, protein, calories, etc when I create a new food.

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Posted: 04 Jan 2012, 09:17

To all of you who are having troubles syncing, try the following:

1/ Go to settings (bottom row, second one) and set location to United States. (might work with other countries)
2/ Go back and hit the 'sync' icon (next to settings). You'll be able to enter your login and password now.
3/ You'll get an 'ok' message.
4/ Go back to settings and set back to the right location.