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Any plans to place limits on Fat, proteins, and Carbs
For instance the app currently lets you know if you go over for calories for the day. It would be nice to have that same ability for each of the nutritional values like Protein, Fat and Carbs. It would ...
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started by Obonaven, 2 years ago.   
installed the app
Hi I installed the app & can't wait 2 use it.I figure it'd be a good way 2 keep up with calories on the go.Any ideas on how else it'd be good 2 use on cell would be gratly appreciated. ...
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started by AR_YELLOWROSE.   
app not working 4 me HEEEEEEEEELP
I have tried twice 2 use the app on my cell....adding on app but doesn't show at website when I get on laptop.any1 else having that problem?
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Which Android device do you use?
I have an EKEN m001 Android tablet. It's slow and the battery life is almost non-existent. On the other hand, it cost me less than $100 (shipping included).
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started by roystonlodge.   
Barcode scan brings back an unrelated recipe
Any idea how to update barcode information? Several things I have scanned bring up a recipe instead of the item I scanned.
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started by Kolinka.   
How do I sync my phone and web site information?
Just loaded this onto my touch, but I can't sync with my online account. Anyone know what I need to do?
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started by wgallegos.   
This time of year can be a hard on a diet I always make up a double batch of old fashioned Hershey's Cocoa fudge then I give it away, everyone is at the ready.I do this one time a year but I do get ...
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started by AMSEC, 6 years ago.   
Sill loving my droip app for fatsecret
Love it, love it love it. The improvements since I joined in January are great, but I loved it from the start.
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started by 100goodbye, 6 years ago.   
Water Counter/Bar code Reader
I am having some problem with the bar code reader working on my phone. Is anyone else having this problem? Also this app does not have water/beverage counter so what do you guys do to track your wate ...
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started by joyvrolyat.   
Just did the upgrade last week I had the first Droid on the market this one is much faster.
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started by AMSEC, 6 years ago.   
App not working well lately
I have been having problems with the Android app the last couple of days. It often doesn't seem to want to connect to allow me to update my food journal - anyone else having any issues like this?
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started by solly93.   
Is there a user's guide for this app? Or should I lurk all the departments of this site?
I guess it's not intuitive how to easily add foods from recipes that I've made up myself. So far when I want to add a food to my diary I've just scrolled through the lists and picked something ...
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started by melonhead-06.   
Good Apps (besides FatSecret) for weight loss, healthy recipes, or exercise?
Anyone know of any other great, tried and true, apps that you are using to aid in weight loss?
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started by Nimirosi, 7 years ago.   
Watching youtube videos on my evo while I excercise
Love my evo while excercising
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started by 100goodbye, 7 years ago.