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I have been using the Alli diet for about 4 months and have lost 40lbs. It is a great diet and I have lots of ideas and suggestions for those who are using this diet and for those who are interested in trying it!


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Don't Be Afraid!!! Alli works wonders!
cr2880, such as is the curse of being a woman. Losing weight with a man will always make you feel bad because they lose it so much easier than we do. My advice to you is to keep up the good work. Some ...
by lesterj18 on 23 Mar 12 11:35 AM
Alli Diet
It's definitely not a temporary fix if you truly stick to the diet and learn from it. The pill is a jump start to help you get it going, but the plan is something we can all keep using once we have ...
by lesterj18 on 23 Mar 12 11:29 AM
QUESTION about Alli
For me, before.
by lesterj18 on 23 Mar 12 11:27 AM
I bought Alli
Lost 3 pounds since Wednesday and NO side effects yet. I am pumped. Alli might just be the answer I have been looking for.
by Jennmommi on 27 Feb 11 12:36 PM
Piece of fruit, bowl of oatmeal, low or nonfat yogurt, a cereal bar or granola bar (but watch the fat content of those).
by Jennmommi on 25 Feb 11 11:59 AM

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