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Announcement: Alli Diet
This diet is amazing. I have tried weight watchers and other diets several times and have never gotten the results I needed. Alli WILL work if you follow the diet as directed. Alli is the only weight loss ...
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Don't Be Afraid!!! Alli works wonders!
Many people are afraid to try Alli because of the unwanted side effects. Honestly, the only way you will see the "bad" side effects is if you do not follow the plan as directed. Any doctor will ...
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QUESTION about Alli
I am new to FatSecret and interested in trying Alli again. My question is: WHEN do you take the pill? BEFORE you eat or WITH your meal?!? Please advise this newbie!
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I bought Alli
I have not tried it but I have a hormone imbalance that the Dr says is why I am having trouble losing weight. I decided to try Alli since I am already eating fairly healthy and exercising. When the st ...
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i hate breakfast but i know i should really be eating it. but i am clueless to what is healthy to eat for breakfast. most days i don't have much time in the mornings so i need something quick. ...
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Started using Alli a two weeks ago!
I am using Alli along with using Weight Watchers as a guide to follow. For me it makes trips to the grocery store easier knowing lots of labels have the points on them. I do not go to the meetings however ...
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