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  The Pledge To Weigh-in Only Once a Week
This group is for those that wish support to keep from constantly weighing in during the week and driving themselves nuts.
  30 Somethings, Losing Fat not Fun
Love good wine? Join us while we balance family and self without giving up pleasure or taste.
This group is a community support system for bodybuilders. Post questions about nutrition or anything about bodybuilding.
  working mothers
Working moms that want to get healthy for their children.
  Slimming Body Modders!
Support for those who need extra help losing those few pounds so they can get the mod they desire!
  Just Pics!
Since FS only lets us post pics to groups, here is a group to do just that!
  Runners, unite!
For professional runners, and amateurs, to people who have never jogged, and anyone in between!
  4 Hour Body People
Disciples of Tim Ferriss
  We Don't Need No Stinkin' Diet!
This is a group for those of us following our own healthy lifestyle plan to lose weight and/or maintain it.
  60+ with under 10 lbs to Lose
60+ with up to 10 pounds to lose.
  Gotta Run
Gotta Run is a group of runners, wannabe runners, newbies, and anyone else that wants to enjoy running.
  Australian Battlers
A group for Australian dieters of any age, gender or size.
  Clean Eating!
For poeple following the Clean Eating guidelines like the ones found in the book by Tosca Reno!
  Reddit r/LoseIt Community
For all the members of the Reddit r/LoseIt community, and any other redditors that would like to drop a few pounds!
  Teens with nothing to lose but weight!
Teens who just want to feel great about how they look while still losing pounds.
  Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism
A group for women with hypothyroidism.
  30's with under 10 lbs to Lose
30 somethings with up to 10 pounds to lose.
  Seniors gettng fit
Having some "old age pain" but working through it. What do you like best, cardio or resistance or both and why?
  NE Florida KETO Group
People living in NE Florida following a Ketogenic way of eating.
  Golden Girls Too
Just a friendly group of Golden Girls ... sharing ideas, supporting one another and encouraging positive lifestyle change.
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50's with 10-25 lbs to Lose
50 somethings with 10-25 pounds to lose.

Want to Gain Weight!
A supportive, positive group for anyone struggling to gain weight.

Ketogenic and loving it!
Passionate about healthy food, the impact it has on your body and assisting anyone in need of some nutritional education.

Vegans and Vegetarians
A place where vegans and vegetarians (part-time, full-time, or contemplating) can share thoughts and ideas.