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101 to 120 of 3034
  20's with under 10 lbs to Lose
20 somethings with up to 10 pounds to lose.
  fat flush plan diet
This group is for any woman following the Fat Flush Plan.
  Teens with 10-25 lbs to Lose
Teens with 10-25 pounds to lose.
  Gay & Lesbian Weight Loss/Maintenance
Group for LGBT community.
  Big Gay Bears
Just a group of Bears with one goal in common trying to lose some weight, and getting to know each other as we go on
Just thought it would be fun to have a suport group for gays. Join me and lets get fit...
  20 somethings improving lifestyles
A chance for 20 somethings to support one another. Let's do this! 💪🏼
  CHICAGO Friends for Fitness
A support nework for people of Chicago. Share places to go and things to do to stay healthy in Chicago.
  Clean Eating!
For poeple following the Clean Eating guidelines like the ones found in the book by Tosca Reno!
  Clean Eating no preservatives no additives
Clean eating has many benefits those who want to lose weight and feel great Join me
  South Beach Dieters
For people on the South Beach Diet that just want to share ideas.
  Members in Greece
This group is for anyone who lives in Greece or who has lived in Greece or who is a friend of Greece.
  The Shrinking Brides
We are here to get healthy and confident for our Wedding day! So our pictures look amazing!
  Dog Lovers Losing Weight
For anyone who loves dogs and is looking to lose or maintain a healthy weight.
  No-caeb life
No carbs/zero carbs. No exercise needed. Meat, hard cheeses, eggs, and cream are eaten. More information on
  50's with under 10 lbs to Lose
50 somethings with up to 10 pounds to lose.
  Night Owls
This is a group for all those who find it harder to stay focused at night, especially those who keep late night hours.
  Atlanta Weight Loss Community Group
This is a group for those of you who reside in Atlanta, Georgia or nearby.
  South Africa
A South African Diets Support Group
  Married Without Children (Christian)
If you Have No Kids, Married, are 30-Somethin' with up to about 60lbs to lose and work for a living, this is THE group for U!
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30's with 25-50 lbs to Lose
30 somethings with 25-50 pounds to lose.

Devotionals for Dieters
For any person who is trying to lose weight and would like daily biblical encouragment about weight loss. .

Losin in San Antonio
This is a group for those of us in San Antonio who need and want to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight.

LCHF/Keto Evangelism
Teach your body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar. Lose weight quick. Reverse many medical conditions through diet alone.