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  60's Somethings 10 to 25 lbs or more to lose
Anybody that is in their 60's or older that want to have fun, lose weight and discuss issues that affect them.
  40-49 years of age for support and new friends
A place for people that are 40-49 years of age and trying to lose weight and need support.
  Tandem Weight Loss
Simple group. Meet a buddy here, and go at it together. Disclaimer: All adults here...we know how to conduct ourselves.
  United Low-Carb Lifestyles
This group is for anyone who is on any form of a controlled carbohydrate plan.
  Following the Old Weight Watchers Program
I have been following the Weight Watchers Points program as listed on Dotties Weight Loss Zone. It's a free program. Join me!
  Fatsecret Brasil
Comunidade de brasileiros do Fatsecret.
  Fabulous 40+ Women Thyroid Community
Women who are ages 40+ with a thyroid condition who are looking to lose 10 lbs or less.
  Lose Weight with Hypothyroid
A group for all of us suffering from hypothyroid,which make most of us look like hippo!
  Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism
A group for women with hypothyroidism.
  Hypothyroid Sufferers Trying to Lose Weight
For vegetarians living with hypothyroidism and struggling to lose weight. We are here to support you!
  You're never too old to do it.
If you are over 50 and are losing the weight that you tried to loss for over 20 years you are in the right group.
  Atkins dieters
Looking for people to share ideas within the Atkins diet.
  Weight Watchers Points Plus
A cohesive group that will encourage and motivate one another.
  Gain Muscle/Lose Body Fat
Anyone wanting to share tips, ask questions, showcase what their doing in relation to gaining muscle and losing body fat.
  Fat vs Fertility
Women with weight-related fertility issues.
  Pregnant Women not Going Overboard
Be wise in your weight gain during pregnancy!
  Preggie Bellies
Support group for moms and moms-to-be trying to stay Healthy while pregnant and trying to lose the baby weight post-baby
  30's with 10-25 lbs to Lose
30 somethings with 10-25 pounds to lose.
  Calorie Counters!
This group are for those who are on the calorie counting diet or anyone else who wants to count calories.
  Atkins Lifestyle--New Beginnings
For those in their 30's who need support and encouragement as they travel through the phases of Atkins Nutritional Approach.
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