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  30's Are the New 20's
What happened to my 20's? Welll, just because those days are behind us doesn't mean we can't rock our 30's.
  Ketogenic and loving it!
Passionate about healthy food, the impact it has on your body and assisting anyone in need of some nutritional education.
  Droid Application Users
This group is focused on the members who are attempting to use technology (Droid phone) to better themselves.
  Low Carb Lifestyle
For people with 50+ pounds to lose, who are keeping their carbs below 50g a day.
  Getting Healthy in Ontario Canada!
Do you live in Ontario? Let's support each other and make some new friends along the way!!
  9th Law Diet
The 9th Law Diet has become enormously popular as so many are losing big pounds. Let's support each other.
  VSG Weight Loss Surgery
Welcome to all who have been "sleeved". This group was created to share our experiences after surgery.
  Daniel Plan
This group is for individuals who are following the Daniel Plan.
  Odbart Noland's
A business, also known as an enterprise or a firm, is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services.
  The Seventeen Day Diet
For anyone who took the first step and purchased or read the book "The 17 Day Diet", by Dr. Mike Moreno.
  low GI Communitty
I want to invite you to join my group if you are in the Low GI Diet. Share recipes, stories, excersise ideas.
  Low Carb Babyboomers
Low carb dieters in their sixties.
  Lose Weight with Hypothyroid
A group for all of us suffering from hypothyroid,which make most of us look like hippo!
  PCOS Support
This is a group for women who have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ) to get together and show support for each other.
  Moms Ready To Take Off The Weight
Open for all moms looking to lose that baby weight that just doesn't want to go away!
  Julie's Group
People hoping to lose weight
  Healthly Weight Loss for Breast Feeding Moms
A group for new mommies who want to lose weight while breastfeeding their new addition!
  Jewish and Sabbath Observant
Do you keep Shabbat? If you do, then you know how easily it can throw your diet out the door. Let's support each other!
  Pregnant and staying fit!
For expecting mommas to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight for her and baby!
  Staying healthy while being pregnant!
This group is for those pregnant women who want to stay healthy while their babies grow!
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