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  Weight Watchers-At least 30 pounds to lose
Hi everyone. I am making a weight watchers group for people with at least 30 pounds to lose.
  Western NYers
A group for people in Western NY: Rochester, Buffalo, and surrounding areas to find a local support network.
  60+ with 100+ lbs to Lose
60+ with over 100 pounds to lose.
  Australian Battlers
A group for Australian dieters of any age, gender or size.
  Green smoothie cleanse
10 day green smoothie cleanse
  weight loss with herbalife
herbalife's Mission is to change people’s lives by providing the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world.
  The Revolutionaries LCHF
This group is for Banters or anyone interested in the LCHF (low carb high fat)lifestyle.....
  weight loss after Gastric bypass Surgery
This is a group of people who had Gastric bypass surgery in the pass. But still needs to lose weight.
  Skinny Bitch
Changing to a vegan lifestyle as outlined in "Skinny Bitch".
  60+ on Maintenance
60+ who have reached their goal and want to maintain their weight.
  Age 50+ Gang Hangin' In with Atkins
People in their 50's PLUS who have chosen Atkins WOE and like to chat and have fun!
  Teens with 25 to 50 pounds to lose!
Hello everyone, This is a group for teens 20 and younger to come together to lose weight!
  Real Food Lovers
Dedicated to eating real, unprocessed foods as supported by Dr. Oz & Dr. Hyman. No white sugar, flour or dairy.
  Shift Workers
A group for people who work evenings or overnights (shift work).
  Firefighter Fitness
Promoting and encouraging fitness among fellow firefighters.
  30's with 100+ lbs to Lose
30 somethings with over 100 pounds to lose.
  Clean Eating Vegans
A place to share clean vegan recipes, diet tips, or discuss issues with our current food industry, such as GMO's.
  Daniel Plan
This group is for individuals who are following the Daniel Plan.
  P90X Fitness Program
Group for discussing topics related to the P90X Workout system and how to best utilize FatSecret for tracking progress.
  Tips and Support for a 1200 Calorie/Day Diet
This group will add tips and support to help 1200 calorie a day dieters.
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