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  Dr. John McDougall Dieters
An interest group for those who wish to explore and follow the Free McDougall Plan.
  Raw Foods & Vegan
I was looking for a group geared towards Raw Foods &/or Vegan. I couldn't find one, so I created this!
  Clean Eating Vegans
A place to share clean vegan recipes, diet tips, or discuss issues with our current food industry, such as GMO's.
  Sleep Disorders Community
For people with Sleep Disorders lacking desire to loose weight due to fatigue or needs info on foods affecting the disorders.
  Bicycles are for Riding
Bikes: Ride them.
  Going into our 30's with a BANG!
For women that are on the way to being 30 with 100 or more lbs to lose!
  Dieting Artists
Who wants to show what they do best? Hi all you fellow artists, artisans, and craftsmen, let's share!
  ATKINS 60+ Positive FeedBack
Our Group represents the Tree of Life. Our branches (YOU) reach out to absorb the light which feeds the whole (Our Group).
  Devotionals for Dieters
For any person who is trying to lose weight and would like daily biblical encouragment about weight loss. .
  Christians Unite!!!
Christians uniting together for encouragement, motivation, accountability, prayer, and inspiration!
  Blood Sugar Diet BSD
For anyone following Michael Mosley's Blood Sugar Diet.
  30's with 10-25 lbs to Lose
30 somethings with 10-25 pounds to lose.
  Pregnant Women not Going Overboard
Be wise in your weight gain during pregnancy!
  Healthy Heathens
This is a group for Heathens and Asatruar who are working toward a healthy weight or otherwise interested in healthy living.
  Feminists of Fatsecret
I was amazed that there wasn't a feminist group here. So now there is.
  801010 Low Fat Raw Vegan
Low Fat Raw Vegan lifestyle based on the 80% Carbs, 10% Protein and 10% Fat ration for nutrition.
  The Kind Diet
For flirts, vegans, and superheros looking for a place to discuss their kind life with friends on fatsecret.
  Vegan - 50-60+ yeas of age, with medical needs
All types of Vegetarians are welcome, with focus on the 50-60+ ages, special medical needs.
  Balanced Vegan Eating
Being vegan sometimes is hard. Keeping a balanced intake of protein and carbs is a challenge. Why don't we help each other?
  Vegan Done Right
Veganism is the practice of eliminating the use of animal products. This is group is support and inform sharing resource.
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