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  Doing Atkins the RIGHT way
Come in and learn about a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off!! Learn about Atkins the right way.
  Isagenix Cleanse & Nutrition
Are you currently taking Isagenix or interested? Share tips, your progress, and ask questions.
  Australian Battlers
A group for Australian dieters of any age, gender or size.
  Fibromyalgia Nutrition Awareness Support Group
This support group is for those living with FM to share their experiences associated with weight management & dietary needs.
  Arizonans Looking for support
Living in Arizona? Looking for support? Want to meet up and excersize? This grouo is for you
  Take Shape for Life with Medifast
Share ideas, recipes, challenges, questions and celebrate your success.
  Multiple Sclerosis with weight to lose
Excess body fat is very detrimental for a person with MS. Let's lose the weight for our health together
  Thinspiration Support
No matter what size you are but choose to quickly lose. Low cals, Tips and tricks, Extreme & Serious. Support here
  Low Carb Babyboomers
Low carb dieters in their sixties.
  20's with 25-50 lbs to Lose
20 somethings with 25-50 pounds to lose.
  Goal by Birthday
Announce your Birthday and set a Goal that you really want to reach by that date.
  Progress, not Perfection
Goal: Group of active members, 25-50lb goal, daily check-ins, weekly weigh-ins, for accountability, encouragement & support.
  Cobra Cuties & Downward Dogs
For the love of Yoga! Share tips, inspire others. Yoga 'talk' for all ages, all levels.
  Dukan 'No More Diets'
The Dukan Diet is the LAST diet we'll ever need to be on.
  Dukan Dieters
Pierre Dukan's Diet
  50 Somethings - Dukan diet
for all the 50 and over who want to try Dr. Dukan's diet.
  You Can Dukan!
This group is for anyone trying to lose weight with the Dukan diet.
  50's with under 10 lbs to Lose
50 somethings with up to 10 pounds to lose.
  60+ with under 10 lbs to Lose
60+ with up to 10 pounds to lose.
  Sveriges grupp
En grupp som i första hand är på svenska. Kanske hittar du en tränings kompis eller någon som håller på med samma sak som du.
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50's with 50-100 lbs to Lose
50 somethings with 50-100 pounds to lose.

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