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61 to 80 of 2775
  30ish with 50+ pounds to lose!
We welcome people of all ages to join regardless of the title.
Youth fades, but being healthy is a choice. Health For Life.
  Moms Ready To Take Off The Weight
Open for all moms looking to lose that baby weight that just doesn't want to go away!
  Recipe Exchange Group
Love to cook? Hate to cook? Need some new recipes to try?
  60+ with 25-50 lbs to Lose
60+ with 25-50 pounds to lose.
  Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet Style
tips, recipes,ideas following plant based diet. based on the principals of nutritarian, vegetarian, and vegan ways of eating
  Jenny Craig Groupies
for anyone who is on Jenny Craig or has been...share info and ideas!
  osteo arthritis anonymous!
This group is for anyone with osteo arthritis and tryong to lose weight.
  Vegans and Vegetarians
A place where vegans and vegetarians (part-time, full-time, or contemplating) can share thoughts and ideas.
  Vegans on a Mission
This group is for vegans who want support losing weight.
  Actively Exercising Together
This group is for anyone who is looking to find buddies to exercise together.
  Low Carbing
Hello everyone. Hoping to get helpful feedback and recipes, etc.
  Lou Ryan's Living Lean Alumni
For anyone who has followed or would like to learn about "Living Lean" to break the addiction to destructive eating patterns.
  Very Low Calorie Diets
This is a support group for anyone doing a ketogenic VLCD, Protein Sparing Modified Fast or 5:2 Fast Diet.
  Battling Menopause while Dieting
Battling hormones, mood swings, insomnia, migraines, water bloat, and loss of libido isn't easy!
  Intermittent Fasting
Those interested in or implementing intermittent fasting into their fitness journey.
  Getting Healthy in Ontario Canada!
Do you live in Ontario? Let's support each other and make some new friends along the way!!
  60 somethings trying to lose
I am looking to connect with other baby boomers trying to fight the battle of the bulge.
  50 Somethings 20-50 to lose
Want to interact with people perhaps starting a new phase in life with children grown, new careers, retiring, etc.
  Healthy and fit parents
Hi! Are you overweight, obese or simply want live a better and healthier life parent? This group is just for you!
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