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41 to 60 of 2933
  Wisconsin Skinny Cows
A group for support and encouragement for people in the Dairy State!
  Go Primal For Health!
My life was dramatically changed when I cut out grains and sugars. Please join me!
  Wine Lovers
Looking for others who want to eat healthy, lose weight and still love their wine!
  South Africa
A South African Diets Support Group
  Isagenix Cleanse & Nutrition
Are you currently taking Isagenix or interested? Share tips, your progress, and ask questions.
  60's Somethings 10 to 25 lbs or more to lose
Anybody that is in their 60's or older that want to have fun, lose weight and discuss issues that affect them.
  You're never too old to do it.
If you are over 50 and are losing the weight that you tried to loss for over 20 years you are in the right group.
  lose 15kgs by 20 November 2015
This is a support group for anyone to join me in losing 15kgs by 20 November 2015.
  Sugar addicts
people who are addicted to sweets and junk food trying to lose weight
  Fast Metabolism Diet followers
This is a group for people who are following Haylie Pomoroy's Fast Metabolism Diet.
  Ladies needing Weightloss Support and buddies.
Ladies that are looking for support and to be supportive as well.
  Yoli Better Body System
Yoli Better Body System is a dietary supplementation program to cleanse the digestive system and burn fat.
  Women Only: 40 or older, 100+ lbs to Lose Sanely
Women supporting women in their difficult journey to change bad habits,set goals, and feel better about themselves.
  20's with 25-50 lbs to Lose
20 somethings with 25-50 pounds to lose.
  What to feed your face? Healthy food database!
Are you apprehensive when trying healthy items?Never again!Here is a list of tried and true foods to keep your diet on track!
  Recipe Exchange Group
Love to cook? Hate to cook? Need some new recipes to try?
  Compulsive Eating, Overeating and Eating Disorders
An ongoing discussion about compulsive overeating and the stuggles, tools and techniques we use to deal with this disorder.
  PCOS Support
This is a group for women who have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ) to get together and show support for each other.
  40-49 years of age for support and new friends
A place for people that are 40-49 years of age and trying to lose weight and need support.
  The Big Fat Lie - Embracing Fat in your lifestyle
Discussion and support for people interested in the Keto/Ketogenic/Low Carb-High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle.
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50's with 10-25 lbs to Lose
50 somethings with 10-25 pounds to lose.

40's with 25-50 lbs to Lose
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