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A group for 60+ people to support each other as we try and lose that last 10 pounds! Through healthy eating and exercise lets encourage each other to achieve our goal weight.


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A little below my goal...
Actually two pounds below my goal...Enough to take care of the daily bounce...Loving how I look in my clothes...8)
by waistlinewatcher on 26 Aug 16 08:59 AM
is it possible to form a subset of paleos within this group?
I'm interested in Paleo. Found a website called paleogrubs.com with some interesting information and recipes. Have you heard of it?
by dunndiggity on 07 Aug 16 12:09 PM
?the 5/2 diet anyone
I wonder if anyone has tried the 5/2 diet (eat 5 days a week fast 2 days) It is apparently easy to do and I will be giving it a go to ry and get rid of about 5 lbs. :roll:
by yumyum007 on 27 Jul 16 05:05 AM
:) Just rejoined FS after having used Sparkpeople for a few months. It was so slow and filled with ads. This seems faster so far. I have lost about 50 lbs in the last few years and would like to take off ...
by charlene1202 on 23 Jun 16 03:58 PM
Yikes, I ate a cookie after having to make them for an event tomorrow. It was very good, but not worth the carbs. Doing soon well to lose that little bit. Need to focus.
by KayCeeGV on 05 Jun 16 01:09 PM

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Arizona....14 days...so much temptation~!
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3 lbs to go
by graciousxoxo

by Saun7
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