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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 07:28
At least my dinner last night was pretty good! I had boneless, skinless chicken thighs. A change from the breast portions, and they were pretty tasty, pan broiled in bacon grease I had left over from my husbands BLT's. My breakfast and lunch weren't particularly delicious, fish and a hard boiled egg. When I eat hard boiled eggs and fish, I don't even feel like eating anything. Fish should be fried in batter and crispy, not naked on your plate. I hope my efforts pay off tomorrow.

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Posted: 25 Aug 2013, 09:10
Diehard3, I bet your efforts will pay off.If it doesn't show tomorrow it will in a few more days. Just keep going!!!

Today is our 34th wedding anniversary. My husband is going to a local car show this morning. I am going for a long walk. The car show is over around 3 pm. I had a shake for breakfast. Yes we are going to have an anniversary dinner. It will be at the China Buffet a restaurant that has everything from Sushi to fresh melon on its buffet. I can get shrimp, chicken, baked salmon, and green beans there. I usually can't resist their Crab Rangoon and egg rolls, but will just have to limit myself. I usually have hot tea to drink when I go there. I know I should just do the Cambridge today, but a 34th anniversary does not happen everyday, and to be fair to my husband we are going to celebrate it with food. This will be good practice for me to learn portion control. Have a wonderful day!
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Posted: 26 Aug 2013, 06:37
I'm happy to report I'm doing quite good on my own diet. Have lost 32 lbs. since my last weigh-in at my doctor's office. I'm sure he'll be pleased. I still have "excess poundage" to work on & am geared-up to do good! Congrats to thinner130 & her hubby on their anniversary! Wonderful!