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Losing track of time.
It has been a very long time since I have been on here and I actually had forgot about it. I am going to do better this time and will try to check in every day. I am going through a hard time right now ...
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started by Patricia Thomas.   
Just Getting started
Hello Started Adkins 2 weeks ago. Have followed it 100% my weight loss is slow not what I expected. My first time on Atkins in many,many,years.Fotgot i'm old and the weight does not want to come ...
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started by Martha64.   
Just joined
Hi Everyone, I just joined this group. I think its great that groups like this exist to help and support those of us who have a significant amount of weight to lose. Looking forward to meeting meeting ...
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started by Lee A., 3 months ago.   
I just joined this site a few days ago and I'm enjoying all the great tools it has to offer. I am 63 and I need to loose at least 30 pounds I am having health issues with my current weight I am lo ...
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started by mckenzieryry.   
changeing diet i'm on.
I would like to change the Diet listing I am on but, just can't figure it out it always shows up as Omni Drops which is not the case and never will be again! Can any of you help with the settings. ...
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started by Martha64.   
Hi! I am 64 years old with adult children and two beautiful granddaughters (thus the week of massive valentine cookies). I started on an "Atkins" diet in 1971 after being diagnosed with hypo ...
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started by Horseshu1.   
how much protein?
I read that even if you reduce your calories to 1200, if you eat too many in the form of carbs and not enough protein, then you will not lose:? I also read that you should eat at least 40g protein a day ...
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started by success62.   
back on track
I am also back on track, minor setbacks but kept my weight the same thru the holidays. Back on track this weeks and 2 lbs. down. I've been good since Oct. with the exception of the two week holiday ...
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started by Lindar51, 7 months ago.   
I'm starting all over with my weight lose.. I have not done well with the holidays and back on track
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started by baby 12, 7 months ago.   
Trying again
Hi everyone! Im back and like that this group is for us older people. I am 63 and in the last ten years Ive gained back about 35lbs of the 120 I lost in 2000. I feel sick a lot so I know I have to do ...
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started by onemoretime2, 7 months ago.   
New to Fatsecret and this group
I'm 68 and need to lose 68 lbs. I'm actually hoping for 70 lbs lost by the time I turn 70 in 2016, that hopefully will give me plenty of time to stablize and food intake and get used to eating ...
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started by Pat Whitely, 8 months ago. to the site ..just started Atkins
I love this site..been on for hours today
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started by restoreyourfinances .   
New to Atkins
I started Atkins 11/9 @ 280 lbs. Got allot of weight to go but at my age what have I got to lose but weight. :d Never been on Atkins before but have everything else. Would loss and gain more back. Finally ...
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started by debraharrelson.   
Just Joined the Group
I have 86 pounds to lose and my husband is losing with me. Our doctor said if we want to live, we've got to lose. We are doing the Atkins Diet and have found it to be the best so far since my hu ...
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started by Suzieboop.   
weight loss and knee replacement..
Had the sleeve ( Weight Loss Surgery)on 1/21/14 Im down 120 lbs so far...60 more to lose..Having Double Knee replacement on Dec 15th ..:shock: cant wait..been struggling all my adult life with weight ...
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started by beachgranny321, 10 months ago.