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Knee replacement
Just joined this group and program. Just the last program of many, but hope it will help this time. Exercise is out at this time as I am scheduled for right knee replacement on Oct. 21, and just walking ...
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started by Vtalevich.   
Just joined this group
Hi, everyone! I have been on my current diet since Mar 17 and I have lost 55 pounds through a combination of lots of exercise and 1200 - 1300 cals a day. I power walk 4 miles 6 days a week and ride my ...
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started by qoh422.   
Just Joined the Group
I have 86 pounds to lose and my husband is losing with me. Our doctor said if we want to live, we've got to lose. We are doing the Atkins Diet and have found it to be the best so far since my hu ...
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started by Suzieboop.   
Started my journey yesterday
Hi all, just started my journey of weight loss yesterday. 53 lbs to lose...aiming to do it for my 63rd birthday next May
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started by LJLG1952.   
a new start
I started again yesterday after not doing well in over a year and a half. First time I did Atkins I lost very well, so I'm trying to follow the basic plan. I'm 63 have bad knees and ankles be ...
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started by Lindar51, 3 weeks ago.   
Starting New
Hi all, I've been in this group before but really can use some support. I really need to lose about 75 lbs. I am 63 and everything hurts and I'm sure in part to the excess weight. I had no plan ...
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started by Lindar51.   
Went over slightly today, oh well its fathers day:roll:
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started by Hosshead54, 4 months ago.   
Big bump in the road
Started Fatsecret on Jan 7th. Found counting calories pretty easy and logging everything eaten very helpful. Lost 38 lbs by April 1st. On that date suddenly everything changed, I had a stroke. Held ...
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started by ReallyDetermined.   
Travelling to Italy
I am new to this group. And dieting frankly, next week my husband and I are leaving for two weeks in Italy. Does anyone have any tips or hints on how to stay on track while travelling. We don't ...
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started by Maryverv, 5 months ago.   
Doing the Cha Cha Cuz I'm Sick of the Yoyo!
Sigh... its back to the dance, two steps forward and five back. I thought I was so great, when on my 60th birthday I had lost the 30 pounds I said I would; I finally graduated from college, and I got ...
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started by Baja Barb.   
Overweight all my life
About four years ago, I decided enough was enough and I followed a program and went from 103 kgs to 86, tat seemed to be a far as I could get. I stayed t that weigh for two years then gradually over the ...
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started by Agatha88, 5 months ago.   
starting over
I went on an eating binge this week, but I'm ready to start again. I am going to weigh on Mondays only. Not every day like I was, it didn't work. I have started volunteering at a hospital by Dr. ...
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started by Peksmom.   
Just hanging in there
I never thought I would be over 300 lbs. Now I am fighting to get below and back into 200 lbs. I have my goal set at 299 right now and when I reach that I will set a new goal of 250. This way I don ...
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started by 2blite.   
First Week
:lol: I will take one pound--it is a small start--but a start anyway--it is three days to grocery time and the larder is very low, so maybe alittle more progress will be made once I have restoced the ...
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started by 70Gemini, 6 months ago.   
Bad Day 6
:evil: Not a good day at all yesterday;however,I am willing to get up and start again today;Knew this wasn't' going to be easy, so one day at a time,one step at a time--a vicious cycle. On a good ...
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started by 70Gemini, 6 months ago.