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hi! New to group. Anyone doing Keto?
I have been using the FS app on my phone since March sometime,came on here and decided to look at groups. I started the 1st of the year eliminating all grains,cereals,breads,sweets,m... and nightshade ...
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started by Eathealthy2016, about a day ago.   
Joined group today
I am way over 60--have 105pounds to get off--am hoping to finlly accomplish this this time around. It has been a diffulcult few months financially and personally--trying to cope with it all and move on, ...
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started by Dizzylady1.   
Eat To Live - The End of Dieting - Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Sandy asked me to provide some information about 2 books and the nutritional life style change supported by the 2 books. This also appears in Sandy's thread "Post Here". I tried to make this ...
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started by thinner120.   
POST HERE: How are YOU doing 60+ group?
I know there are a boo-koo of diets out there, or WOE. We can still support each other - making this a place to report how our day went while trying to lose those pounds. What do you think? No crit ...
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started by Mom2Boxers.   
Starting Over Again!
I just started back on Atkins Monday. Need to lose about 50 pounds, however I realize that being 60 it will be a slow process. Just need to stay committed and not give up. I have tried tracking on the ...
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started by marylpn.   
Hi everyone my first day
Hi. Best wishes on your journey
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started by chrissyleelane, a month ago.   
yo yo
five weeks ago I decided to finally tackle my weight. It is becoming clear that my weight is interfering with the quality of my life. I thought that the 5:2 diet would do the trick. Certainly it s ...
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started by baygon40.   
May be natural products are the good way
I always check out this [url=]Blo... before buying any product in weight loss . My personal favorite product for now is Garcinia Cambogia for now because this product does not ...
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started by audreywilson, 2 months ago.   
Just Gettin'Started
Hello all - I am new to this site and have just decided to lose weight. Let's face, I'm not getting younger, and there's a lot of health concerns with being overweight. My little brother, ...
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started by LCM1950.   
Wow amazing journey...started working with a trainer in Sept 2015 and have lost 48 lbs. I have made a commitment to me that my health matters and every day I have a choice to honor me. When I want to ...
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started by Bobbies24, 3 months ago.   
Blew It
Last night we ordered Chinese food. And I ate my whole order instead of saving half for today, which is what I planned. Bad girl. (Slaps hand!) Will get back on track today and try not to stress over ...
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started by LCM1950, 3 months ago.   
Down 8 pounds
In just a week. Is this just a water weight loss? I've only been watching my intake for a week. I'm cautiously optimistic.
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started by LCM1950, 3 months ago.   
New strategy
I'm going to set mini goals instead of the big chunk. Maybe I'll get more satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment. Don't know.
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started by kmar.   
I have decided to join this group because lately I have been faltering. I started my journey in March 2014 at 321 lbs. Right before Christmas I had finally gotten down to 195 and was so ecstatic. But ...
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started by Las Vegas Linda, 3 months ago.   
Here I go again
I cannot believe what I do to myself. But here I go again weigh loss here we come!
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started by kati1snow2, 6 months ago.