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I just recently found that I had signed up for Fat Secret nearly 3 yrs ago, and by chance, it popped up! Well, I am serious now and with the Ketogenics Diet I hope to never have to deal with this again ...
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started by QOD results, 2 weeks ago.   
Hi there I am a New Zealand woman aged 65 & retired. My weight has ballooned in the last 3 months to 100.2 Ks!!! This is the heaviest I have ever been!!! I have been calorie counting for 2 weeks & ...
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New to forum
Hi All, 59.5 Years young need to lose 60 more lbs and am currently doing the CarbNite diet. So far I have lost 12 lbs probably mostly water weight. I feel better all my belts are now on the last hole. ...
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started by Deathworm.   
new to group
Hi all, this is a new thing for me. I usually don't join groups. I got to thinking the other day about why I want to lose weight. Besides the obvious health factor and the "how you look" ...
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started by newspringday15.   
65.5 & been trying to loose weight for 3 years
Hi all saw this group on the site & thought why not give it a try I have nothing to loose but the weight. (I hope) I have an underactive thyroid so find loosing weight quite difficult, It does come ...
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started by lillian65.   
I finally decided to lose weight so I can live longer and see my grandchildren grow up. I am 66 and in good health so far. I lost my brother 2 years ago at the age of 69 from obesity and I don't want ...
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started by annie1249.   
Getting a little slower to exercise
I'd be very happy to lose 50 pounds, and am taking it 10 pounds at a time so I don't get discouraged. My weight has gone up and down thru the years depending on the amount of exercise I get, ...
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started by Magret1, 5 months ago.   
Hi, new to group
Hi everyone, can I slip in under the radar at 54 years!? I started on Tuesday 9 June, trying to maintain a low carb, medium protein, high fat diet. Drinking lots of water and going out walking every ...
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started by Fivef00tn0wt, 6 months ago.   
hi! New to group. Anyone doing Keto?
I have been using the FS app on my phone since March sometime,came on here and decided to look at groups. I started the 1st of the year eliminating all grains,cereals,breads,sweets,m... and nightshade ...
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started by Eathealthy2016.   
hardee's low carb breakfst bowl
Any one needing to add calories. The Hardee's low carb Breakfast bowl is wonderful. 600 cal. but only 2 carbs. Very filling.
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started by carbiek.   
fatsecret- calories
I at first was trying to cut my calories way lower than they suggested. I was so :o to see that I had lost a little over 2 lbs. since Tues. They are telling me to eat 1700. I am trying to stay close to ...
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started by carbiek, 6 months ago.   
Joined group today
I am way over 60--have 105pounds to get off--am hoping to finlly accomplish this this time around. It has been a diffulcult few months financially and personally--trying to cope with it all and move on, ...
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started by Dizzylady1.   
Eat To Live - The End of Dieting - Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Sandy asked me to provide some information about 2 books and the nutritional life style change supported by the 2 books. This also appears in Sandy's thread "Post Here". I tried to make this ...
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started by thinner120.   
POST HERE: How are YOU doing 60+ group?
I know there are a boo-koo of diets out there, or WOE. We can still support each other - making this a place to report how our day went while trying to lose those pounds. What do you think? No crit ...
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started by Mom2Boxers.   
Starting Over Again!
I just started back on Atkins Monday. Need to lose about 50 pounds, however I realize that being 60 it will be a slow process. Just need to stay committed and not give up. I have tried tracking on the ...
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started by marylpn.