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Posted: 16 Dec 2012, 12:13
I was searching for weight loss diets and I came across the webpage that stated that Coconut oil is great for weight loss. Is this true? Can anyone help with the Truth in it. They did have a Great Diet and Exercises plan I will be doing. But Coconut Oil?? {“” If you want to read it}

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Posted: 17 Feb 2013, 03:53
You can check Jeff Primack in YouTube. He promotes the benefits of coconut oil and talks about the properties of it. I personally tried whole wheat bread spread with c o, cinnamon, and agave syrup.

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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 20:22
Yes coconut oil is excellent for you as is Flax seed oil. They say that the more oil we use the more weight we will lose. I don't know about that but I do know that I'm using a great oil called Udo's 3 blend oil and I take fish oil with D every day for a month now and my body has never felt better. I'm less joint sore for sure and it helps with making you feel full as well. The Udo's oil is Flaxseed and coconut and several other oils and works wonders.