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Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 07:42
I started with Fatsecret back in July of last year. My weight loss has been 60 lbs. I am 20 lbs. from my goal of 172. Problem is that I have reached a point where I haven't loss anything the last three weeks. The Michigan weather has a lot to do with it. Stuck inside for the most part.
Maybe there is more to it than that?

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Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 19:22
Lots of snow up there and cold.. not good for getting out and about. Best of luck getting unstuck no advice except maybe try something different.
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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 20:38
Congrats on your fantastic weight loss. I live in Toronto so I know how the winter keeps us less active. I had the very same problem... the scale didn't budge for 3 weeks... don't give up... I heard on the radio and then on Dr. Oz about eating 70% of your daily food intake before 3pm and then NOTHING at all (except water) after 8pm and you will lose weight... SO I tried this... the same amount and kind of food that I've been doing and bingo... I lost 3 pounds in a week and I got the scale moving down again. Try it... what do you have to lose except the weight? Smile

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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 20:39
I just ate my dinner at 2-3pm and then lightly for dinner at 7:30.

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 16:31
My advice is to think hard about what you did to lose that 60 lbs. and make sure you haven't dropped something from your daily routine. I say that because that is what I am doing to stop my very long plateau. And I'm adding back several things I quit doing. Wishing you well,
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Posted: 04 Apr 2013, 09:34
Birdpray Maybe your body is just catching up. You have lost a lot of weight. Ask you Dr. how break the no loss plateau.

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Posted: 06 Jun 2013, 16:20
Your "picture/logo" hints and what may be part of the problem. Rededicate yourself, and double check those calories to make sure you are not adding a few out of boredom due the a long period of dieting.
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Posted: 30 Jun 2013, 14:18
Thank you, You have a point there.