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A group for 60+ people to support each other as we try and lose between 25-50 pounds. Through healthy eating and exercise lets encourage each other to achieve our goal weight.


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may 22
I posted on the main page by mistake, sorry. I am down 2 more pounds since last entry. Things are working great. For the most part, I am not hungry because I do eat 3 meals a day, just not large ones. ...
by dwatts4827 on 22 May 18 08:41 AM
may 20th
I thought it was going to be a not so good day yesterday but the weight actually went down 1 pound to a round 250. I was amazed at that reduction. It appears that the days I do not take a vitamin pill, ...
by dwatts4827 on 20 May 18 08:48 AM
day 4
It was a good day. I did not sit around a lot which always helps. I lost 1 pound so it was a good day. I am down about 4 pounds but today is a goof off day so if I can stay the same I will be happy. ...
by dwatts4827 on 19 May 18 09:12 PM
day 3
One pound down and a lot to go. No change to lifestyle, same meals, same exercise, same sleep, same old - same old. Just the thought of having to report my weight in the morning. Well maybe the p ...
by dwatts4827 on 18 May 18 08:00 AM
day 2
Just a nice day with a lot to do yesterday. No weight loss and no weight gain so it was not that bad after all. Today is golf and tree trimming so maybe a pound off if everything goes right. See you ...
by dwatts4827 on 17 May 18 08:48 AM

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type: Common Interest
age range: >60
to lose: 25-50lb
category: Dieting
members: 1381
created: 27 July 2008

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2 years ago had lost 65 pounds. 27 more to go.
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Fancy dress!
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