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June 16th
I have mentioned things that I have done on my quest to lose weight. My number one rule that I would like to follow is that I must adopt the eating habits of thin people. If I can do that the weight ...
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started by dwatts4827, 3 days ago.   
june 15th
In the last two days, I have managed to lose 2 more pounds. The trick this time was I was not feeling well so I did not eat three regular meals. Another secret to losing weight, get sick. Today should ...
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started by dwatts4827, 4 days ago.   
june 13th
Holding steady, but it has been too long at this level. The thing I need to work on is social gatherings. I had a picnic, dinner party, group gathering at a local place and of course fathers day. All ...
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started by dwatts4827, 6 days ago.   
June 12th
I have been a little lax, sorry. Had a meeting/dinner at the house yesterday and maintained the weight level because I was busy getting ready and not thinking of food. It really does help if I can get ...
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started by dwatts4827.   
june 8th
Lost another pound, hope to keep it up. I noticed something very interesting. The people who are at the right weight or below really do not like to eat. It is not that they eat low carb food or live ...
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started by dwatts4827.   
Low carbs helping me in several areas
I've been on the keto low carb concept plan for almost four weeks now (started May 11). Since then I've lost about 12 lbs (or 5% body weight). Averaging four lbs per week, mindfully managed. No ...
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started by mochafudge1.   
june 9th
A new rule for losing weight. Do not go to buffet type restaurants. Nothing good will come out of that trip. Light gain but nothing out of hand, it should be off tomorrow. Just keep going at the same ...
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started by dwatts4827.   
Evening everyone I'm rejoining looking for support>and give support to all on our journey to better health and smaller waist lines:)
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started by caktus.   
just joining the group-Good Morning, Everyone! So glad to find a support group!
Hi, I'm 61, female, large belly! lol I think I finally got my mind right (only yesterday) and my strategy down, and I'm ready to actually SUCCEED. Good luck to all of us!
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started by spider1957, a week ago.   
june 10th
Sunday is always a fun day. Time to reset and get ready for the next week. Sometimes I wonder how I had any time to do anything for myself when I worked. Started cooking meals for next week. Big week ...
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started by dwatts4827, a week ago.   
Finally - a couple of pounds dropped!
Seems as if I have been hovering like a helicopter for about a year in the 192-196 (got up to 199 range at one time)). I finally saw 188 this morning and nearly jumped up to the ceiling! I decided to ...
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started by Jbber.   
june 7
another nice day without any weight change. Not gaining is almost at good as losing weight. I did say almost. I am starting to like vegs, not a lot but getting there. I kind of like having my own ...
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started by dwatts4827, a week ago.   
june 6th
Missed a day, sorry, golf had priority. A thought crossed my mind. A calorie is the amount of energy to raise 1 gram for water 1 degree Cel. As we do things, we burn calories in the process. The heaver ...
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started by dwatts4827, 2 weeks ago.   
june 4th
Yesterday was a great day. Everything just fell into place in a very pleasant manner. Nothing outstanding just a great day. I am not into excitement just a nice day when nothing goes wrong.' W ...
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started by dwatts4827, 2 weeks ago.   
june 3rd
I am back on track, dropped below 250 again. Nothing special. I did relearn a good fact, salt is our enemy. It retains water at a very high level. I bought some bacon flavor potato chips and had been ...
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started by dwatts4827, 2 weeks ago.