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Vacation Diet???
Getting ready to leave on a three week vacation. 8) We will be traveling and visiting friends and family along the way. Trying to figure out how to at least maintain while being on the road and eating ...
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started by Mrs zimm.   
Hello fellow 60s
I just found this site today and it looks like there are a lot of people all happy to share advice and relate their stories of success here, so I am eager to spend some time reading the forums. I am ...
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started by eddie1261.   
restarting for the 30th time
I ran a sprint triathlon 18 months ago but I have been slowwly getting lazier and lazier-- it is soooooo nice to sleep in and not get up at 7am to run!!!!!!! aghhhhh I am restarting ...
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started by robert52, 2 months ago.   
Trying again
Hi I'm new to group dieting. Am hoping this will help with incentives! This winter on the east coast has been hard; when I'm snowbound I cook! Therefore I ate! :lol: :lol:
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started by Sue Long.   
Loosing slowly but surely
I lost another lb. and now I am under 200 for the first time in I can't tell u when. 199 lbs. This is really big for me. How is everyone doing.
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started by kaykay672.   
As an almost ex-binger, I am really looking back at a habit that: a) kept me unconscious about what I was eating b) kept me unconscious about how much I was eating c) rendered me unable to use my gut ...
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started by Lighterdays, 6 months ago.   
I am hitting problems after 6 weeks
I have just joined the group after six weeks using the Fat Secret website. One would think I have enough calories to be going on with at 2,200 as I had a high start weight of 280 1bs but I am getting ...
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started by RFranczak.   
Something New
I started the Advocare Program, did everything right on the 10 day cleansing stage. Weighed this morning and only lost 1 lb..(I know, a lb is a lb)..but I'll take it! Just really disappointing  ...
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started by Anne6026.   
Just being a slug!
Is anyone else having the same problem. I guess it isn't a BIG problem but I just can't get motivated. I suppose the winter blahs might have something to do with it. The last 3 Sundays we have ...
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started by Ivas-Diva.   
New here
Hi Everyone: I just joined Fatsecret and this group. I have lost 6 lbs since the middle of January with 34 to go. I have been on and off dieting/eating plans forever with only some success. I want to get ...
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started by Ssiiggbb.   
Fresh start
Ok, I'm really to re-commit. 28 lbs to go. Planning to retire the end of the year and I really need to get on a regular eating and excersize plan.
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started by Ivas-Diva, 8 months ago.   
Fatsecret Carb Count...... Help!!!
I started Atkins a month ago and was refered to this site to keep track of my intake... I really am enjoying Fatsecret and find it very helpful and keeps me motivated... My question to anyone who can help ...
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started by Lucky765.   
Let's get it started, new year.
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started by sugarlady, 8 months ago.   
Fat Loss
Hey Guys!!!! First and foremost a very very Happy 2014 to everyone. This year I am trying to get rid of most of my body fat. I am still quite young and don't know how to.... So I wanted to get some ...
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started by Ary10.   
just joined
Hope ya'll don't mind if I joined this Well, I am close, but not quite 60, but this group seemed to be the closest to my situation. :-). Wishing all a Happy New Year, and praying ...
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started by Sherisauer.