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3# gain
Hello world. Had a gain but I'm ok with that. I will just work a little harder and get support from all my 60+ buddies who are in this with me
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started by fatbut1948, 2 weeks ago.   
I am starting a new challenge group
Just a note to let this group know I am starting a new challenge group to lose 10% of your starting weight in 12 weeks. I've been stuck for a while now and need to get moving. This goal is realistic ...
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started by Sarah Bru .   
what WOE are you on?
Anyone out there trying the 3 day diet? I've modified mine a little. I'm only going to go on it for 3 days during the weekdays and do lowcarb and controlled portions on other days. My biggest ...
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started by JMA312.   
here i go again....
trying to crawl my way back up on the low carb day down...a million more miles to go. Weighed in yesterday at 235 and today after doing the egg fast weighed in at 230. I know it's mostly ...
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started by sallyperkins225.   
Been on a diet for most of my adult life and yes still dieting! I have loads to lose as I am really feeling it now and I have type 2 diabetes so looking for help. I have 3 grandchildren and one on the ...
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started by annie124, 2 months ago.   
Hi guys,
Been trying to get to goal since November 2014. Started at a little over 200 and at 5 feet nothing that's a lot. Today was weigh in and finally made it below 140. Was 137.1. Thought if I joined a ...
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started by wandastrickland, 3 months ago.   
Unexpected Weight Gain
Unexpected Weight Gain this week, over 5 pounds. I have been on Cipro for 7 days and I am not sure that there is a connection or not. Anybody else experience weight gain while on an anti-biotic?
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started by joesewi.   
Young Group New Member
I thought I may as well join the young group :) If exercise is a key to loosing weight, I am stuffed :)
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started by Mindfull_Body, 4 months ago.   
Newbie here...
Joined fatsecret last night, trying to find my way around the site...thought this would be a great group to join, not 60 just yet, but not too long now! Need to get fitter, drop some weight and get moving ...
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started by se5girl.   
Hi, I just joined this group that was recommended from a friend. Hoping to lose some of this weight as I am tired of lugging it around.:?
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started by dustyrose144, 5 months ago.   
Another day another Diet
Hi all :d Back at it again 64 and still trying to diet successfully..... Hope this time it's going to be a new way of controlling my food portions and make lifetime changes for me, as I said in my ...
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started by Maggy May, 5 months ago.   
Hello, I am a 72 year young gal, finding my way back to living healthier. I am married and just celebrated our 52nd anniversary on Monday. I am finding some days are easier for me to stay with my plans ...
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started by ptgrand.   
Hi, my name is Ria and I am happy to join this club. I am 67 and recently widowed. I have a minimum of 25 pounds I want to lose.
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started by Ria522.   
61, 1/2, getting ready to retire and want to be Fahh-bulus in appearance and health when I retire and do a gigantic relocation.:badgrin: Recently, (a month and a half ago), got on track and have lost ...
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started by Spursian777.   
Count me In!
I am 70, a retired RN, and had gained close to 100 pounds. I managed to get down to 155, but then gained back a little bit more than 30 pounds. I managed to get down to 177 lbs., but this last 22 is ...
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started by Jbber.