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I'm a new member and glad to be here. Determined to lose 45 of my 260 pounds.
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started by Tuna68, about a day ago.   
hi all, :) New to FatSecret, and this group is precisely who I am! Looking forward to making a fresh start.
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started by JazzyCarol, 2 weeks ago.   
not much of a joiner...
...but I think having the support of this group will be very helpful. This is my first full week on FS, and I lost 1 pound. I can see how journaling all my food is helpful; hence I joined the log your ...
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started by BlueMorpho12, 2 months ago.   
I'm new to this group!
:) Hi everyone, I'm new to this group, have lost 27 lbs in the past year... 45 lbs to go! I was on Atkins this spring, went off it after a family reunion... still losing a few pounds, but all the ...
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started by AK1Aleen.   
I'm an old member but decided to get on the stick again and get this 25 lbs off. So far so good on low carb diet. Good to be here with friends who play nice together...LOL!
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started by Rattailusa, 4 months ago.   
Hello I am a new member
I have just joined the group and am hoping it will help me to be more disciplined with my eating. I started doing a Low carb high fat eating plan in December, which went very well - that is until I broke ...
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started by sherlock70.   
Hi everyone, I am just starting in this group, and have just started the ketogenics diet, 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have lost 10lbs so far. :) Am very happy about that.
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started by nippercat.   
Hello everyone
Hello to everyone. My but how the days fly away and the pounds fly on in retirement. Now I (suddenly?) find that I need to reduce my rotund frame by at least 28lb. I'm looking forward to travelling ...
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started by J. Buchanan.   
3# gain
Hello world. Had a gain but I'm ok with that. I will just work a little harder and get support from all my 60+ buddies who are in this with me
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started by fatbut1948, 6 months ago.   
I am starting a new challenge group
Just a note to let this group know I am starting a new challenge group to lose 10% of your starting weight in 12 weeks. I've been stuck for a while now and need to get moving. This goal is realistic ...
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started by Sarah Bru .   
what WOE are you on?
Anyone out there trying the 3 day diet? I've modified mine a little. I'm only going to go on it for 3 days during the weekdays and do lowcarb and controlled portions on other days. My biggest ...
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started by JMA312.   
here i go again....
trying to crawl my way back up on the low carb day down...a million more miles to go. Weighed in yesterday at 235 and today after doing the egg fast weighed in at 230. I know it's mostly ...
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started by sallyperkins225.   
Been on a diet for most of my adult life and yes still dieting! I have loads to lose as I am really feeling it now and I have type 2 diabetes so looking for help. I have 3 grandchildren and one on the ...
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started by annie124, 8 months ago.   
Hi guys,
Been trying to get to goal since November 2014. Started at a little over 200 and at 5 feet nothing that's a lot. Today was weigh in and finally made it below 140. Was 137.1. Thought if I joined a ...
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started by wandastrickland, 9 months ago.   
Unexpected Weight Gain
Unexpected Weight Gain this week, over 5 pounds. I have been on Cipro for 7 days and I am not sure that there is a connection or not. Anybody else experience weight gain while on an anti-biotic?
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started by joesewi.