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New to this app
I'm new to this, but must lose weight. I have tried dozens of times and dozens of ways. Now dr says lose or be diabetic. I'm determined to lose. Anyone out there in my boat. Need to lose 40-50 ...
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started by Hraupab, a week ago.   
Im a newbie....
Just came back from a Cruise to Mediteranean...lots of great bread and meals on the ship..feelin guilty gained what I lost on Wt Watchers feel bad about starting up Wt Watchers again and have to weight ...
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started by Joanne Courtois, 2 months ago.   
Hello New To Group
Had my WOW moment or should I say it is about my tenth wow moment :lol: This time I need to stick and not fail I am a comfort eater.It seems like for the past several years all I needed was comfort. In ...
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started by SisterB, 2 months ago.   
I just found this site a few days ago,and it's the best. I am 63, my weight is causing me some health problems. Just reading all the post you find you are not alone even if you fail some days. I would ...
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started by mckenzieryry.   
Impossible Goals
Hi, I'm new here! Was on WeightWatchers a dozen times. Last time, I lost 55 lbs. but found out that my blood sugar was way out of wack. This time, goal is 100 lbs.. I quit eating white food six ...
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started by MacroAlan, 3 months ago.   
Count me In!
I am 70, a retired RN, and had gained close to 100 pounds. I managed to get down to 155, but then gained back a little bit more than 30 pounds. I managed to get down to 177 lbs., but this last 22 is ...
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started by Jbber, 3 months ago.   
61, 1/2, getting ready to retire and want to be Fahh-bulus in appearance and health when I retire and do a gigantic relocation.:badgrin: Recently, (a month and a half ago), got on track and have lost ...
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started by Spursian777.   
I am just starting up on Weight Watchers. I was on Atkins for 2 months and only lost 10 lbs. I felt like I was doing it for nothing. I don't have time to be on a program that isn't working for ...
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started by diburns.   
I have no buddies!
I've just joined this group. I am 64 and have 30lb to lose. Actually I'd be happy if I lost 25lb but 30 would be better. I appear to have no buddies. Not sure how I get them...
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started by JillyJargon.   
How does one get supporters to chat with and urge one on to success? I am just joining and not certain how the site works to be the most beneficial to one's success. I did find one challenge to join. ...
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started by Ria522, 4 months ago.   
Hi, my name is Ria and I am happy to join this club. I am 67 and recently widowed. I have a minimum of 25 pounds I want to lose.
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started by Ria522, 4 months ago.   
I am 65 and plan on loosing 50 lbs.
My wife and I are doing this together.Go Seniors;) ;) ;)
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started by Ray Watts, 4 months ago.   
Happy to join the group
Hi my name is happy to join the group as I am looking forward to losing 25 pounds.I had already lost 30 pounds but slowing I have gained back 20.Currently I have been losing a pound and then ...
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started by ritzylady, 5 months ago.   
Self introduction
Hi..My name is Linda. I'm 65 and semi-active. I started my diet on Oct.21st and weighed in at 184 lbs. I'm using the Body4Believers diet. It makes a lot of sense and I'm not really hungry. ...
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started by lindasankey.   
Weight loss journey
I'm starting a new weight loss journey with my girlfriend, with the goal of self motivation and to help others in any way we can. You might want to check out our website: www. pixelsinspace .pt / ...
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started by NFM18, 6 months ago.