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Posted: 16 Jan 2010, 15:52
Hi Valsy, I am here and there are others, but this group doesn't seem to "talk" much, maybe we are too busy, I don't know......
I weigh in every Sunday, but don't always leave a message here, I must admit. At the moment I have set a small target of losing 5 kilos which I will "adjust" when I get that far, but overall I also want to lose 25, but working through it in small mini targets doesn't seem quite to daunting !

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Posted: 01 Feb 2010, 11:43
Hi, This is the first forum I have replied to. I found this one and decided I would like to participate instead of lurking which I do on all other forums I visit. At my age I am finding it a real challenge to exercise and keep my weight where it should be, so hoping having interaction with others in my age group will inspire me and maybe I can be an inspiration to someone else. Looking forward to getting to know all of you.