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Gluten Free?
Any other Celiacs in the group?
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started by ldacod, a week ago.   
Anyone have any ideas for healthy, low-cal snacks? I like plain yogurt with blueberries. And of course, any fresh fruit. But I need some new ideas. I get bored and then eat other foods that I shoul ...
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started by Betty0877.   
:x I'm ready to give up! I've watched everything I ate, measured my portions and kept my calorie count at or below 1200 calories and have just weighed in with a 1.5 weight gain in 2 weeks.
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started by Daiji.   
Anyone like me who wants to lose 25 lbs ? Can't seem to see anyone on here in this group. Valsy
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started by Valsy.   
Just Joined
Hit my all-time high of 211 a few months ago, decided it was time to get back to the 180 (or less) that I weighed when I was 50. So far have made it down to 196.5, but still a ways to go. Have to hit ...
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started by rmoritz.   
Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is evil. High in calories and tastes delicious.
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started by Fletchita.   
something to say
Hey, I joined or thought I did a few weeks ago. I've been a part of fatsecret since January, but started my diet just after thanksgiving. Lost about 25 lbs altogether, but still have more to go. ...
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started by LindaLea, 3 years ago.   
Just joined group
Hi Valsy and Suzeeq, I have been on Fatsecret for almost 2 years but haven't done the group thing. Thought it might be fun to 'talk' with others my age. I started this when my Mom was diag ...
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started by Grandma G, 3 years ago.   
Helloooo out there!
Hi Valsy, I am here and there are others, but this group doesn't seem to "talk" much, maybe we are too busy, I don't know...... I weigh in every Sunday, but don't always leave a ...
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started by Suzeeq.   
Struck down!
Here I am at the start of a new year, all keen to make an impression on my weight and have now broken one of my toes! For a measly little toe, it is causing me heaps of angst and I am forced to hobble ...
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started by Suzeeq, 5 years ago.