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time of day
Hi everyone - Anyone else manage great all day but want to eat and eat and eat after 4 p.m.? I feel during the day that food doesn't really interest me - I eat my planned meals and feel satisfied ...
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started by ob2il.   
whole foods plant based diet
Doing a whole foods plant based (vegan) diet. Not primarily for weight loss, but for health overall. All studies show it to be the thing to prevent heart disease and cancer, and diabetes. LDL and BP are ...
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started by Elisabeth Stevens.   
Returning with 8 extra pounds to lose
Finally decided to get real again. Was very committed a year ago and then just stopped. No particular reason.....just done with it. So now I have 25 pounds to lose, but I am going into summer with ...
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started by mehminus60.   
May I join you?
Hello from Burton on Trent, UK. I am certainly over 60, but I have tried to find a group of seniors with more than 50lbs to lose without success. Anyone mind if I tag along with this group? I could use ...
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started by Asharni, a year ago.   
New to group.
Good morning. I am new to fatsecret. Certainly new to this group. My goal is to lose weight (15 lbs) with ultimate goal of improved health/stamina. I am going through a very challenging time with T ...
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started by iamfran, a year ago.   
fighting with the scale.
does anyone have the battle of the most recent numbers. Mine go from the newest to the previous and battle it out for about a week before finally settling for good on the low number.This happens every ...
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started by dianedizacomo, 2 years ago.   
hello its me...cookie!
Hi I've lost 50+ lbs since January and hope to keep going to reach my goal of 120. Very nice to meet you all. Ive been looking for a group to better fit my age level. Well I guess this is it.
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started by dianedizacomo, 2 years ago.   
Gluten Free?
Any other Celiacs in the group?
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started by ldacod, 2 years ago.   
Anyone have any ideas for healthy, low-cal snacks? I like plain yogurt with blueberries. And of course, any fresh fruit. But I need some new ideas. I get bored and then eat other foods that I shoul ...
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started by Betty0877.   
:x I'm ready to give up! I've watched everything I ate, measured my portions and kept my calorie count at or below 1200 calories and have just weighed in with a 1.5 weight gain in 2 weeks.
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started by Daiji.   
Anyone like me who wants to lose 25 lbs ? Can't seem to see anyone on here in this group. Valsy
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started by Valsy.   
Just Joined
Hit my all-time high of 211 a few months ago, decided it was time to get back to the 180 (or less) that I weighed when I was 50. So far have made it down to 196.5, but still a ways to go. Have to hit ...
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started by rmoritz.   
Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is evil. High in calories and tastes delicious.
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started by Fletchita.   
something to say
Hey, I joined or thought I did a few weeks ago. I've been a part of fatsecret since January, but started my diet just after thanksgiving. Lost about 25 lbs altogether, but still have more to go. ...
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started by LindaLea, 6 years ago.   
Just joined group
Hi Valsy and Suzeeq, I have been on Fatsecret for almost 2 years but haven't done the group thing. Thought it might be fun to 'talk' with others my age. I started this when my Mom was diag ...
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started by Grandma G, 6 years ago.