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Posted: 04 Jan 2012, 10:56
hi - i am new to this group but have been using fat secret for about 10 months now and it has been the best thing i ever did weight and exercise wise - but now i have a problem - i do not want to lose any more but am so scared of gaining that i am finding it really difficult to maintain my current weight and am still losing - has anyone any advice?

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Posted: 05 Aug 2012, 08:43
am in the same boat.
and oddly after adding calories to my diet one day, several lbs. fell off.

obvious advice is to add only real plant food (organic), e.g., nuts, seeds, avocado, but small amts. per day and check the scale daily.

That's my plan anyway.
Good luck

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Posted: 09 Aug 2012, 08:27
Am finding it very difficult also to maintain and not continue to lose. The fear of gaining too much haunts me. Today perhaps I'll follow my own advice and add some olive oil.

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Posted: 12 Aug 2012, 21:34
I have been on this site for a couple of years and am at the point where I am quite comfortable. I have found that for me it works best to pick one day a week as weigh-in day. If I'm over a pound or so, a small adjustment in what I eat takes care of it. If I lose a pound or so,WOOHOO, get to loosen up just a litte. Two rules too remember, 1: Don't panic, you know what you did to get you where you wanted to be so KNOW you can do it! 2: If you are on a regular exercise routine, GREAT, but do not overdo or get into a rut. One single routine,day after daywill some times burn you out. good luck!!
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