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Share your experiences on the 5:2 diet!
What foods do you choose on your feed days?
What tips do you have for a happy fast day experience?


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5:2 Challenge
I tried to start 5:2 last year, but got discouraged when I discovered that each fasting day is 36 hours, and not 24 as described in the book. However, as my weight increased more during the xmas break, ...
by Robotman on 23 Jan 15 12:33 AM
Can someone explain how the 5:2 lifestyle works
Found it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
by mrspackrat on 09 Jan 15 03:49 PM
Found a great recipe
I've been lightly salting cucumbers - yum! Hardboiled eggs are good too, low in calories but have the needed protein to sustain you. I also make a smoothie with 2-3 cups of mixed greens, water and ...
by mrspackrat on 17 Nov 14 12:53 PM
Just Starting
Good luck carmelbegood,!
by corgi73 on 12 Apr 14 03:04 PM
Tip for Starting Intermittent Fasting
When I started IF, I just jumped into it. Others I've talked to have had a hard time starting because they found skipping meals hard and just couldn't do it. I found this video and it makes ...
by mrspackrat on 08 Apr 14 09:35 AM

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