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Found a great recipe
I've done a few fast days now but I was trolling the web and came across this recipe and liked it so much I thought I'd share and it's only approx. 150 calories! 1 medium Zucchini (cut into ...
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Can someone explain how the 5:2 lifestyle works
I don't understand the fasting, do you go on a complete fast for two days , without any food, just water? I did something like this about 20 years ago, where on the two days you had water and you ...
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Just Starting
I've been researching this diet/lifestyle and plan to start tomorrow. I thought I would try skipping breakfast and snacks and just eat lunch and tea - wish me luck, please.
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Tip for Starting Intermittent Fasting
When I started IF, I just jumped into it. Others I've talked to have had a hard time starting because they found skipping meals hard and just couldn't do it. I found this video and it makes ...
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started by mrspackrat, 8 months ago.   
First fast day
Done my first fasting day today, I was ok til mid morning but I've been starving since. I had 2 spoons of yoghurt with some blueberries and a coffee with skim milk for breakfast, green and yellow ...
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Second Fast Day - didnt do so well :)
I started 5:2 on Monday and the fast wasn't too bad yesterday I went over by 83 calories and was very irritated by it. At least I did over 2 hours of exercise! I definitely feel good this morning ...
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5:2 Day 1
Today is Day 1 of my 5:2 journey. My goal is to lose 22lb the easiest possible way and the 5:2 sounds like it shouldn't be too difficult. Half way through the day and I'm up to 400 calories, ...
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Fasting Alternatives to 5:2
I saw tis article posted on the main message boards which offers alternatives to the 5:2 way of eating. Per the suggestion of the article I tried the 16:8 pattern where you fast 16 hours, eat 8. It 's ...
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Does it matter when you eat your calories?
I have not read any of the 5:2 books out there, and would like to know if it matters when one eats their daily calorie allotment. I tend to wait until 3 to eat lunch, and then have dinner at 7 or 8. ...
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Hooray for ...
I'm starting a thread for people to post their accomplishments, reaching mini-goals, etc. I was inspired by Dr. Michael Mosley's documentary on intermittent fasting and started this way of eating ...
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Can't seem to get stay within the limit
Hi, everyone. I have tried IF 4x so far, but always go over the limit come dinner time, albeit with healthy food. Being female, I have 500 calories to work with. I aim for 250 at breakfast, but have ...
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Fast Day
This is my first fast day and so far, so good. I planned ahead last night and stuck it out today. Dinner will be melon and asparagus... Just knowing it's only one day makes this so much easier to get ...
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Getting back to 5:2 after a contineous month of fasting
Hi im going to start the 5:2 fasting again in 1 week,just finished Ramadhan the month of fasting from sunrise to sunset ie 3am till 9pm with no food or hopefully should get back to and find 5:2 ...
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should you fast when ill
I am suffering from he flu!:( should I continue to fast as planned or give it a rest while ill?
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5:2 Challenge
I am new to [url= to shake these last few pounds and thought it great to be part of a [url= Open to all Fatsecret members. :p :lol: :o
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