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Posted: 03 Oct 2012, 00:14
How do most of you figure out a way to not eat before you go to bed? I want to lose 10 pounds and then if I am satisfied I will lose more.. I am 5' 3'' and weight 157...

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Posted: 11 Oct 2012, 17:39
I "close the kitchen" once dinner is done & cleaned up. I then brush my teeth & chew sugar free gum in the evening. I do fine if I'm at home, but my problem is when we're out!
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Posted: 12 Oct 2012, 21:32
I have one small square of dark chocolate. It's satisfying, good for you and not too many calories!

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Posted: 11 Jan 2013, 09:16
Try to make it a rule to not eat anything past 8pm. Brushing your teeth will help you stick to this.