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Sagging face
Grrrr! I am 56 and happily lost almost 55 lbs in the last couple of years BUT my face looks awful :( So saggy, huge bags under my eyes...chin and neck seem to be holding up. I notice it ALOT in pictures, ...
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started by FloridaAngel.   
New to the group
Recently turned 50 so I guess I belong here now. Hope to make some new friends.
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Holding my own
I recently turned 59, so I guess next year I'll have to move to the 60's with under 10 lbs to lose group. :lol: I started doing body pump and spin classes about 7 weeks ago and so far have been ...
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Weighing in
I decided to trim my winter coat. Goal was to shed 8 pounds. Already shed 5 in two weeks. Three to go to be back to that mean lean 56 year old machine. I enjoy a good goal and achieving it. My experience ...
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started by Hofkid, 11 months ago.   
Nine pounds to go but stuck
I have been stuck at the same weight the last 2 months even getting my exercising in almost daily. The last 9 pounds have been a bugger to lose. I stopped the snacking at night and that hasn't helped ...
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Hi there-- ready to tackle this!
Hi! I'm not sure if it's 10-15 for me but seriously, I'm 'down' to 170 now from a long maintained 175 and I think 10 more pounds is allI could maintain. I'm extremely active, I ...
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started by HeidiHott1, a year ago.   
Just thinking lately...a ramble
I get uneasy when I read folks pointing to a certain food source as the "cause' of their weight issues. I don't doubt their experiences but I wonder about their conclusions of fact. When ...
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started by JJohnso, a year ago.   
Thinner This Year
This is a book I am reading that espouses good nutrition and exercise. Two components I strongly support. I am trying not to get disheartened by their "exercise 6 days a week for 45 minutes to an ...
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Weight training ( AND HELLO )
Only had 20 pound to lose and lost 10 and then stalled and then crashed in the gym . Was gaining strength and suddenly hit a wall and could not move . Took a week off and then on the advice of a gym ...
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reached my goal
I belong to weight watchers. I FINALLY reached my goal. I'm actually 2 1/2 lbs. under my goal.. Now to keep it off but I do exercise everyday.:d
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reached my goal
This is the most dangerous time in your journey as maintenance becomes a tricky balance. This is when I gain because its easier to keep the calories lower then to start feeling like you can have those ...
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Toning up
10 months ago I was told I was type 2. Since then I've lost 5 1/2 stone, my problem is loose skin now. Happy with my weight but not keen on my appearance. We have started going to the gym (a shock ...
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A New Regime
Greetings over 50's - Every bright Monday morning - or sometimes on Sundays and even occasionally on Wednesdays I think to myself - this is my chance to start over - eat right - exercise - do yoga ...
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Trying to stay 149 and under...currently at 152.8. Study for a masters degree sure slows progress!
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Almost to my goal weight
Weighed this morning and boom another lb gone. Us over 50's can do it. Can't wait to try on my daughter's jeans.
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started by trailridenlady, 4 years ago.   
Protein Shakes
I have been on the Nutrie protein shakes. Designed by Dr. Nicole Dahl. They only come in chocolate but I love chocolate. Just pop the top and out the door. All good stuff inside and keeps me full from ...
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started by trailridenlady, 4 years ago.