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Posted: 29 Jun 2012, 14:41
I am new to the group, not new to this site. I joined two years ago and began my journey to lose more than 100 lbs. I lost 26, stalled/backslid, but maintained for a while and then had a terrible motorcylce accident, and then had both knees replaced (not related to motorcylce accident). I have been overweight and riddled with arthritis in my knees for years. So now that I am fully recovered and have titanium knees I am back on track. Since starting again in earnest the first week of March, I am down another 30 lbs. I see from the posts here that many of you share my difficulties, from staying on track to getting motivated to getting regular exercise, and fighting frustration and even depression. This is very hard. But I am finally really doing it. I plateaued a few weeks ago and had to kick up my exercising in order to get my metabolism back in gear and am now losing again. I now have 87 lbs to my goal weight. I look forward to reading this forum and finding the support we all need so much to keep going. I signed up for a couple of challenges and the Walk for Breast Cancer in September, so I have some short term goals to help keep me going. Have a great weekend everyone.


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Posted: 01 Jul 2012, 18:45
Hi just joined this group as well. I am down 31 pounds on my way to a 100 pound weight loss on Atkins...exercise for me is almost impossible right now, because my back is about crippled from pain of bulging discs and the old sciatic nerve! However I'm scheduled for the epidural steroid shot in a month and have high hopes for that easing the pain enough to get back to walking every day. Meanwhile, I just stay eating high fat and low carb and trying to enjoy life. Best of luck to you, and all of us!


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Posted: 09 Jul 2012, 10:20
Hi everyone, I just joined this group today. I had a wake up call in October when I had a bad bout of atrial fibrillation that landed me in the hospital. My blood work came back with bad ratios of cholesterol, and low thyroid, and possible sleep apnea. The thyroid is now under control, as is the sleep situation. And after eliminating all refined carbs, my cholesterol ratios are markedly improved. The only struggle now is getting these pounds to part company. Smile
I have shifted to Atkins, with more success than the traditional (i.e, Weight Watchers, low-cal, or low-fat/high-fiber) approaches. I am setting my sites on the long term view, and reminding myself that even if the scale isn't reflecting it, I am improving my general health through this way of eating.
Oh yeah...exercise! I have bad knees, and some general arthritis, so many exercises are tough for me to do. But I have a recumbent bike that I do a interval workout on at least twice a week. More than 3X's per week is too much with this routine. I have been wanting to add some resistance work, but so far my efforts have not matched my intentions. Baby steps!
Good to find this group.
A bad moment does not have to be a bad day, bad week, or a sign that you can't do this. It is a moment. Just that. Pause and go back to the person who really wants to be healthier and happier.