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Posted: 19 May 2012, 13:54
So we have headed up to Washington for my Brother-in-laws 60th Birthday. Five days this time, but I am being much better about the water and NO sodas. I have met or exceeded my water goal every day so far, and again, have not had a single soda. Also had a chat with my neice about Splenda. Hmmmmmmm not so sure if that stuff is good to use now either. I guess I will start transitioning over to Truvia. I did go over my 20 carb limit yesterday, but not by much. Even though I gained five pounds last week, the new pants I bought are already loose. Looks like I dropped at least another inch from my waist.
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Posted: 28 May 2012, 10:59
What are you putting the sugar sub in? I too have kicked the soda habit. For a bit I got hooked on McDonalds ice coffee. Then I found I like the ice coffee I make at home better. International Delight creamer is only 35 calories and makes it creamy an sweet enough without sugar. Also I make ice tea with peach tea. Sweet an good naturally no need to add anything but ice. Smile