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A group for people in their 50's to support each other as we try and lose between 50-100 pounds. Through healthy eating and exercise lets encourage each other to achieve our goal weight.


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Stale mate
Your body requires approx 11 cal/ lb of body weight. say a person weighing 350 lbs would need 3850 cal. If they lose 63 lbs they need to cut their intake by 693 cals. or they would plateau. SO keep this ...
by MacNova on 27 Dec 17 04:57 PM
Hi, first post.
Hey I'm with ya Looped... I am doing the exact same journey trying for 100lbs in 1 year. Doing Keto as well. Best of luck to you!
by MacNova on 24 Dec 17 06:09 PM
Hello from Oklahoma!
[cod... 51. I've been overweight (this time) since age 43. I did a ...
by sharonwatson1 on 07 Dec 17 07:25 AM
Hi I finally found what works for me!
I've also been advised to try a paleo/ketogenic approach to weight loss so here we go! Great to hear it's working for you - gives me hope!
by tsunamimom on 07 Nov 17 06:43 AM
Nanadjh, I am so glad I did it. 3 weeks post surgery and I’m down 30 lbs!!! Life changing.
by karenborillo on 26 Oct 17 05:03 PM

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type: Common Interest
age range: 50-59
to lose: 50-100lb
category: Dieting
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created: 27 July 2008

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