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Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 08:08
57, 30-35 pound loss would be ideal, and not leave me thin (I'd be a 12 or so). When I don't do Atkins (been here before), my discipline goes quickly, so I started Atkins and am now showing that first, mostly water, loss.

I'm not as active as I should be, and need to motivate myself. Just learned I have bone density loss, and am totally freaked out by that fact; Mom had osteoporosis.

Just saying hello.

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Posted: 21 Mar 2013, 12:46
Hi SGoat, I too would like to lose 30-35 lbs. I am 59 years old. We can do it!! I have done Atkins before and had great success but didn't do the whole phases correctly so I didn't learn how to add back carbs. I really want to succeed this time.

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Posted: 22 Mar 2013, 14:09
Hi Everyone, I almost had a heart attack. I have to lose 50 pounds. I am on Blood pressure medication. So really there are not many foods that I can eat ! I am so hungry ! Anyone have low calorie low potassium and low sodium ideas ?

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Posted: 24 Mar 2013, 19:53
Group support is a big help too. Knowing were here to 'suffer' to make the changes to healthy choices and were here for each other.