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Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 09:05
Anyone have suggestions for staying committed and resisting temptations.

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Posted: 05 Feb 2013, 12:25
I find entering the food diary VERY helpful. My issue is portion control and I get a very clear idea of how much I am stoking my furnace. I ENJOY inserting new foods on the data base (sad sack that I am) If I do this before dinner time I am more inclined to stick with my homemade soups as my last meal of the day. Staying committed also means for me have a damage control strategy in place when I end up going out and having a whiskey or wine (or 2...)and NOT beating myself up about it. I am drinking less because I know I have given myself the freedom to have a drink or two in company or with a meal. I drink A LOT of infusions during the day. Keep the caffeine to a minimum. Hope that sounds helpful. It is a big issue for me as well.
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Posted: 08 Feb 2013, 11:17
I find if I allow myself an occasional bad snack or meal, I am less likely to binge when it is forbidden. And Ladyfilosopher is right, entering everything you eat and do, helps give you a perspective on the goods and the bads.
I had two samoa girl scout cookies yesterday, entered it, and do not feel guilty! I eat vanilla ice cream with a little chocolate syrup for an occasional treat at night. It is far better than having cake, brownies, cookies, etc.
It is like when I quit smoking decades ago! all the times I had "quit" before, I had avoided everything that I associated with having a cigarette. When I did successfully quit smoking, I did not avoid all those situations and I succeeded. I had to learn how to not smoke in those situations, so why avoid them? I would intentionally go to my neighbor's home where everyone smoked, visit and drink coffee while she was smoking.
Now I am learning to be healthy while not avoiding all the bad foods. If I mess up, and I have, tomorrow is another day. Today's failures make tomorrows successes. Moderation is a key factor...
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