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Posted: 15 Jan 2013, 15:17
Hello, I was just saying to my tubby husband (who is shedding his kg as well) that the acceptance of our life stage is concretely accepting that I cannot have all that wine any more, nor the quantities of food I used to. It just does not get BURNED. I find it sad not to have wine regularly, but in England it is so expensive if you want quality, not drinking as much is good for the pocket as well as the belly. My project was/is to get thinner, but I realise that a key factor is to get mobility in the lower back again. I used to do so much sport that I stayed trim AND flexible. Now I have to accommodate the fact that I am really looking for both, lighter on my feet and tighten up the undercarriage of the lower stomach area. DEEP Breathing is what is missing while reading and doing desk work.
good music and sound sleep helps us live well