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Posted: 06 Jul 2013, 10:16
When I look at my pie-chart. Carbs are always more than anything else.
Should the chart be equal for Fat, Carbs, sugar, protein?

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Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 13:06
Carbs should be about 10%, protein about 30%, and fat 60% this is a basic introduction plan. Best to check out the Atkins website or the book "The New Atkins for a New you (NANY).

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Posted: 08 Jul 2013, 09:30
Atkins? Maybe, maybe not. The Mediterranean diet has many proponents who suggest, long term, it is the healthiest model from long-term health - 40% carbs, 40% fat, 20% protein - while calorie burn was slightly greater with the Atkins, the Atkins left higher levels of cortisol - a hormone linked with weight gain.. the suggestion being that you'll lose weight a little bit quicker, but be more likely to regain it all back. I've seen this happen with my own mother about 10 times.. weight loss followed by more significant gain.

Bottom line, read up yourself online, compare diets - and, IMHO, follow one which is most likely to allow for a long-term change in lifestyle. For me, mostly just not "drinking" calories, and eating smaller portions has worked really well.. and I'm learning that it takes less effort to "figure out" my meals. And MORE veggies. Love the peppers, tomatoes and sprouts.


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Posted: 17 Jul 2013, 12:32
Thax for the repliese. Now I something to aim for.
I will now work something out.

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Posted: 28 Jul 2013, 19:50
Cortisol? That's a major bit of info.

Cortisol is produced by the body as a part of how the immune system works - specifically, it tames an over-active immune system. An over-active immune system creates inflammation - that's part of how it rids the body of toxins left behind by bacteria and virii.

Ultimately, keeping the immune system over-active leads to heart disease and cancer. You do NOT want a high cortisol situation lasting for long.

From what I've read, diet-induced high cortisol levels can be attributed to a diet that is high in one of two things. Either fats (mostly saturated) or high FAST DIGESTING carbs - that is, flours and sugars. The so-called "high glycemic index" carbs.

If the carb sources are whole and intact, then they don't cause the insulin spike, which is what causes the hormonal changes, which is what causes the inflammation which is what causes the cortisol response.

As far as glycemic index is concern, all flour is non-whole even if it came from whole grain - the powdered form simply digests much faster, just like wood chips burn faster than if they were still a log.

I know that my own immune system response got a LOT better once I cut out all pasta and baked goods and added sugars.

My diet is about 60% carbs - I'm a vegan athlete.