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Posted: 26 Jan 2013, 22:26
Hi I just started the Atkins Diet with my husband 6 days ago. I really like it. I did Atkins about 10 years ago but, just did the normal salad for lunch, a cup of beans for dinner and a chicken breast....boring.....
So, I decided this time to really start looking for different recipes and have found them and am learning to create them myself. With the internet it really helps to find low carb recipes and a support group like this where I can blog and record my weight etc. Hubby and I both have lost 5 pounds since last Monday. I hope we both continue and not get bored with this. I showed my husband the exact amounts he should be eating verses what he was was pouring out of containers....and what we measure are really two different measurements. Good luck everyone.
I know being in our fifties is hard to loose but, if we put our minds to it and keep a positive attitude we all can do it.

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Posted: 30 Jan 2013, 06:57
Hi and welcome! I'm new to this group but have been on FS since Oct12 and have found it to be a great site with wonderfully supportive members! It's really interesting when you start measuring isn't it! I'm trying to train myself to do it intuitively but still need practice.
I'm not losing WEIGHT. I'm converting FAT to MUSCLE to be healthier.

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Posted: 10 Feb 2013, 09:50
Hello...I just started the Atkins diet in Jan.22. I've done Atkins before but never stayed with it. This time I am determined as I am at an all time high in weight and my body is feeling every pound of it. Since I started I have lost 10 lbs. Exercise has never been for me, but I did get a Wii and have started to do the aerobics step and love playing the tennis. My dogs have no idea whats going on when they see me bounding across the living room trying to hit an imaginary ball (lol).

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Posted: 18 Feb 2013, 14:28
Hi everyone, I am trying again, I decided to go with the Atkins, as I lose more weight in less amount of time, however I am worried that I can not stick with it. Perhaps will do it for a while and then switch to a low carb plan adding carbs. Will have to see how it goes, Mostly gonna try to cut my breads, and junk foods out along with white ingredient foods. Would love to keep in touch, with all.

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Posted: 25 Feb 2013, 09:39
I am thinking of trying Atkins too. Sent away for their free startup kit since I never did before and don't really know much about it.

I was doing 1200 calories and noticed that my nutrition breakdown seemed like a lot of carbs and fat and not much protein. When I am not counting calories my go to food is usually protein, not sure why I am eating more carbs now.

I need to exercise more too and the Wii is a great idea since it is cold and snowy outside.