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Newby By Victoria
I failed my mission again.184 today! I lost six pounds last week and gained it all back on the weekend! I will start calorie count more closely and not stray to far next weekend ! HA Back to the drawing ...
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started by victoriamalloy, 2 years ago.   
Gotta Lose 50 !
Hi i am back again gained back four pounds this weekend. But feeling great. I will try to loose ten this week! good luck all! Victoria
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started by victoriamalloy, 2 years ago.   
New here
57, 30-35 pound loss would be ideal, and not leave me thin (I'd be a 12 or so). When I don't do Atkins (been here before), my discipline goes quickly, so I started Atkins and am now showing that ...
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started by SGoat.   
Honesty..........always the best policy!!
Hope my sharing the following will help those struggling to get their weight loss 'going'....... I am an avid recreational cyclist of 13 years and the following realities hit home about 3 months ...
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started by BillyP2, 2 years ago.   
How much cheese can I have a day? OSS. Grms?
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started by Joehi.   
Not Hungry on Atkins
Started the new year on Weight Watchers because I have lost weight years ago successfully on it. Lost 5 pounds in 2 months. I was frustrated and always hungry. Decided to try Atkins when I heard Sharon ...
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started by Thegreatnana, 2 years ago.   
New to the Group
I have a goal of 30 lbs to lose and am not very active at this time. Hope to get more active. Daily food intake is below goals, and I am not sure I want to increase the amount. Any thoughts on this? ...
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started by me_c.   
New to Fat Secret and Atkins
Hi I just started the Atkins Diet with my husband 6 days ago. I really like it. I did Atkins about 10 years ago but, just did the normal salad for lunch, a cup of beans for dinner and a chicken brea ...
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started by houze4u.   
weak day
anybody get so tired that during the day it is so hard to stay with it? any suggestions? I am having a really tired day and am giving into some carbs that I should not be desiring.
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started by CCerza.   
Staying committed
Anyone have suggestions for staying committed and resisting temptations.
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started by Ladonnabella.   
Starting Over !
Hello I did this a year ago lost 44 lbs. I thought I had it all figured out and could do it on my own,uh what a joke I put it all back on plus 3 more lbs. so thats a total of 47.6 lbs. So I'm here ...
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started by cassandra1962.   
work in progress...^_^
Hey Everybody...I'm Darlene from Balrimore (Go Ravens!!!) :d Well I too have been on Fatsecret for quite sometime, but i had left for awhile as I had to have several surgeries and between not being ...
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started by darlenewill.   
New here
Trying to lose 15-20 lbs by March 15 doing Atkins. I'm discouraged and bored with this diet. Have only lost 5.5lbs in 2weeks. I was hoping for more. I am exercising and staying true to the diet... ...
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started by Aniece453.   
Low Carb Confidential
I found another interesting web site out there. I like like his writing tone & style. Pretty humerus. I also tried his recipe "The World’s Simplest Low Carb ...
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started by mycrisis.   
Is there any person who feels successful reaching their ideal weight....
who would help me on my course project? That was a long title so I will explain better. I am training as contemporary psychotherapist and I decided that the topic of our final course project would be ...
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started by Ladyfilosopher, 2 years ago.