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New To Fatsecret!
Hi, my name is Cathy. I am new to this site and am hoping for some support. I am a housewife and I care for my 86 year old mother who just had a pacemaker. I am trying to get on track, and I have at least ...
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started by mamluv.   
New to Group
Hi.... I am new to the group. I hope it is okay that I join this group even though I have 70 pounds to lose and not the advertised 25-50 lbs. Look forward to participating.
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Started again on 9/29
Started South Beach way of eating on Sunday. Need to lose 75 lbs, but didn't see a group for that. Good luck to everyone! :p
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started by JuliTomse, 3 years ago.   
starting again.
We all know weight loss is always a challenge of the wills to make a habit out of exercise and good eating habits. I've started again this week and am taking it one day at a time. If I just make ...
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Weight watchers
Starting again tomorrow8)
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Advocare program
Any one on Advocare here ?
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started by JMA312, 3 years ago.   
D DAY!!!
:roll. I am still on vacation..back to work on Wednesday ....have to take control of the rest of my short life even if it is at 55!!! Haven't I been a slave to my body for enough years!!! Some ...
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started by Alanmandm, 3 years ago.   
Just started again:)
I am limited n the exercise field n need of encouragement inspiration n a kick n the behind. Lol. Thanks 4 this group. I started out 300 lbs got 2 245lbs n could seem get nowhere. Joined TOPS accomplished ...
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started by journerwtops, 3 years ago.   
stay in control at the end of the day
Hi everyone I am new to the group. Long as Im in a control atmosphere I can stay on task. But once I'm home start eating uncontrolably like I have to make up for staying in control all day
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Welcome Everyone!
Good Morning and greetings from Ottawa Canada! I am brand new to this site and to this group but hope to find lots of support and companionship as we all strive (ok maybe struggle) every day to reach ...
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started by Kris Kalorie, 3 years ago.   
Hi to my new group buddies
Just 're-joined ' today as haven't been on to site for over a year and in that time have regained 1 stone 9 lbs - yikes! Also have been diagnosed with under active thyroid and prescribed L ...
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Weight Ticker
Hi, does any one know how I can reset my weight ticker??? I have lost more weight,yet it stays the same. Not a big deal but I do think its a great tool to see how far you have come. thanks
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Hi there, I'm Shirley from AZ
Thanks for letting me join. I am back on track after a year of being a slacker as far as my health goes. I need to get my weight under 170lbs to bring my BMI down to a healthy range and also to ease the ...
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Hi my name is Trish, I am new to the group but I am glad to be here. I need a lot of encouragement in my trials to lose weight. Let me give you a little background about me. I am 54 years old, I have ...
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Work Out
Fitness evaluation at the gym this afternoon. Then start working out!:shock:
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started by neal1959, 3 years ago.