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A!s it turns out
As it turns out, this walking up and down then very steep hill and doing all I do is paying off! I'm steadily losing weight and am feeling muscles developing in my legs and butt. I'm getting a ...
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started by debi334.   
Anyone Doing Curves workouts?
I have been doing WW for the two weeks and so far doing okay, down about 10 pounds. I started Curves workouts last week and really enjoy the machines and the atmosphere. I could use a buddy too!
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started by debilohr, 3 years ago.   
My weigh-ins are not holding, even though I am clicking on "Save." Has anyone else had a problem with this in the past?
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started by Jillzee00, 3 years ago.   
Daily Check In Thread - for conversations
Hello all, I have tried most diets and have been obese for the last 4, maybe even 6 years. I've spent the last year losing and gaining the same 15 pounds. :cry: This year I need to get serious! ...
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I guess I'm not doing this righthelp me 2 do this I need buddies
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Trying out fatsecret
Hey Y'all, I just started with FS today. I've been on another site for 6 weeks but this site looks more fun! I'm down 10 pounds only 45 to go...
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started by LC115.   
Time to recover from Thanksgiving
Happily, we don't end up with leftovers. Family is 2400 miles away. So, a Thursday dinner with neighbors is the only temptation - and I get carried away. I plan. I cut back the day before. I have ...
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started by westcoastbroke.   
Made it through
Hope everybody had a wonderful thanksgiving. I did pretty gud. 1 plate n not a big one, n a piece of sweet potatoe pie. Proud of myself 8) . I weigh 199.4 on Tuesday n this afternoon I weighed in at 1 ...
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started by journerwtops, 3 years ago.   
New to this site, need help with these last pesky pounds.
It took me until I was in my mid 50's to finally try to lose in a healthy way. It also took over a year to lose 55 lbs. through better eating and exercise. In the last year, although I've kept ...
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started by Barbara4572, 3 years ago.   
new here
Hello! Trying this site out after a false start a while back. Nice to meet you!
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started by NikkisMom13.   
Can anyone relate?
I struggle with the need to exercise and finding time to. It's hard finding the time or the energy when you take care of your own family let alone a very needy snl which takes most of the day and ...
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started by debi334.   
Back at it!
I'm back at it folks and I'm losing weight again! And I am in control! Thanks to a few members to opening my eyes. No matter what she nor how she wants things cooked I have the right to do things ...
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started by debi334, 3 years ago.   
Here I go again
With 56 looming on the horizon, and the pounds creeping back on, it's time to start tracking again. Here's hoping for under 200 lbs in the new year.
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started by browny57.   
ONE MORE final TIME!!!
Hellooooooo, my fellow chubbies! :-) It is Day Two and here I am many of you...... starting yet again. I need to lose so much weight, but this is a great place to start. So glad to ...
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Here I go again!
Hello everyone! I'm new to the group and this my umpteenth time to lose weight. Or to try to lose weight. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2005 and went from 350lbs to 131lbs. But I got very sick cause ...
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started by debi334, 3 years ago.