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New to Atkins and FatSecret
Hi - My name is Melissa, and I am 50 something looking to lose about 20 pounds and bring myself back to healthier days. I began Atkins on 18 August and have lost about 4 pounds. This is my second at ...
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started by Melissa Larriviere.   
Metabolism Rates after 50
Good morning, I am new to this group as of today. Has anyone had their resting metabolism rate measured? Was it worth the cost and information that you discovered. Thanks for your time. Rebecca:idea:
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Ok goes!
I joined this group seeing that it is active. I gained so much since March and I need to buckle down to business. About four years ago I managed to lose over 100 lbs. Kept it off for over two years. ...
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Just joined
Just joined today after being told by my son that this site was great for giving nutritional value on foods. Have been with weightwatchers but find it hard to get values for some foods to put on my p ...
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My First Day
Just joined this site today. I'm excited to read all the posts, well as many as I can. So far I have found so much information and humor here. :)
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I too joined today. I lost 70 lbs a number of years ago on weight watchers and continue to use the information that I learned but have put 40 lbs back on and hitting 50 seems to make it much nore dif ...
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started by kobedog, 5 years ago.   
Hi - I am a Newbie at this.....
And welcome suggestions of what, how, when and where to do next. I registered, I set up a profile and joined this group. Now I wonder what to do next? I am almost 57, ignored a bad thyroid for years ...
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no suger
Am trying to stay away from sugar as much as possible. Its not so bad but I think I am having too much fat as compensation. I drop a lb. then gain it back, back and forth, very frustrating. Any one else ...
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started by Power Woman.   
Looking for an exercise buddy.
Hi I'm 55years old and so out of shape. I decided looking for an exercise buddy to help motivate me. I have WII fit and a WII fit plus and was wondering if someone would be interested in exercising ...
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started by I am the gram, 5 years ago.   
Is anyone familiar with the Bodybugg, an armband which records your actual calories burned. Is it worth the money?
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Starting up again..
Here I go again...have to get serious. I lost 175lbs. and still need to loose 100 more.I just stopped trying and stayed the same....but now I see I gained 22 pounds and need more support.
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started by Debbie2.   
Good morning-Raining Cats and dogs here. New to this website and group. Lost and kept my weight off for about 3 years and then got into a relationship and became domestic for last few years and wah lah ...
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So far so good
Day 2 and back to work after a vacation. I seem to be on track so far.
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started by Debbie2, 5 years ago.   
First Post
I'm 58 and keeping the weight off has been a lifelong challenge. The older I get the more the challenge. I've been up and down on commercial diets and now feel that fat secret is the key. So, ...
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Hi all
I am just attempting a diet again however this time I just had open heart surgery so have a good incentive. Any help anyone has will be greatly appreciated.
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started by raybob54, 5 years ago.