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New to the group
Hi All Well I am trying to get the weight down.. Age does not make it any easier..
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started by Philosopherbat, 4 years ago.   
:) I've been able to lose 7 pounds this week by hiking a few hrs a day, house cleaning about 5 hours a day or gardening several hours a day along with keeping my calories under 1600/day (eating foods ...
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started by Lorraine Wright.   
Just Found you guys
Hi. I have been on Fat Secret for over a year, but just found you guys. I have had great success with the Medifast plan. I am at a healthy weight now, but still want to lose more. It took me just over ...
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started by pamaitchison.   
First week plus 3 days
My official Alli weigh in is on Monday as I started taking the Alli last Saturday but my official begin date is June 1st. I am happy to report I am closing in on 5 lbs. lost so far. If losing weight ...
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started by beatlelovr.   
Hi Group
I know I have a lot more than 25-50 to lose but I have a smaller goal in mind for now.
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started by mimi4fun.   
Just joined the group
I am so glad to find this group. It is interesting how each of us finds success with different strategies and food plans. I look forward to being a part of the group.
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started by Merrill.   
New Group Member
I just joined this group, even though I've been on Fatsecret since May 10. My goal was to reduce my body weight by 10% to get my blood pressure down. I'm getting close to achieving that, so maybe ...
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started by Runesinger, 4 years ago.   
newbie looking for support
Hi, just joined this group. I know that being in my 50's and still overweight is not how I want to live any longer. I want to live out the rest of my life slimmer, healthier and much more active. ...
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started by nomik.   
New to the group
Hello, I am brand new to this fat secret website. I sure hope this networking helps me. Nothing really seems to work and I had just about decided that I would just be a fat old grandmother. I have a ...
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started by jacpullen.   
Good Morning!
Wow, am I glad I found this website. In the past 4 years I have put on the pounds and don't have anyone to discuss it with. I started a diet this morning and was looking for calorie counts in some ...
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started by MamaRita.   
Being 50 something and overweight is not the way I want to be. So I'm determined to do something about it! I recommitted myself to being accountable for a better life style. Since making that decision ...
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started by loisw.   
New with 40 lbs to go
i lost 114 lbs in the past year and now have reached a plateau. Any suggestions?
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started by zsazsagirl.   
New Member
I recently joined and my goal is to lose at least 20 - 30 lbs before fall. Outdoor activity and a healthier diet is all I'm concentrating on. Restriction just doesn't cut it for me. My food ...
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started by skinnydreams, 4 years ago.   
Is there anyone using this post that is struggling with weight after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have been unable to lose weight and keep it off. Would definitely appreciate any advice.
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started by dunteacher.   
I am so tired of the battle.I need to lose 35 lbs.I do not want to be 60 still fighting.Need serious support.Would like to lose 10lbs by Aug.
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started by prissygirl.