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Relaxed low-carber, over 40lbs to lose.
Hi, when I began Atkins in 2003 I was very strict and lost well, but went astray. I am now back, older and prepared to take it as it comes. I hope this will mean long term success this time. I like ...
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A Buddy would be helpful
Would anyone in this group like to have a buddy? If so, I am looking for one. I do believe having a buddy will make a difference.
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Giving it another shot
Hello everyone. I've lived all of my adult life being morbititly over weight. I've tried every diet in the book and have even had weightloss surgery. I'm 51 years old and 115 lbs lighter. ...
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I am new, too!
My original goal was to lose 50 pounds for my 50th birthday. So far I am struggling to lose 10 but I have a new determination, and a new goal (60 pounds) but I just consider that to be the new fifty. ...
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New 50 plus Member
Hello, I need to lose more than 35 lbs. but for now 35 is my focus. I have learned in the past not to go for quick weight loss because it almost always comes back. This time I am going in with reasonable ...
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started by Franontrack, 2 years ago.   
Hi, new to this group. I am almost 50 and want to lose 40 pounds. Just weighed in and am up 5 lbs. than what I thought I was at. I am looking forward to using this site as support for my weight lost ...
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I'm "this close" to 50...
...and I'm looking for a dieting buddy. 49 year old female just finishing my 5th day of induction and I am proud to say I've not cheated.I am hoping to lose about 20 pounds this summer. Oh, ...
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I work 12 hour shifts and I find it very hard to keep within my calorie limits. Any ideas, besides taking a cooler to work. LOL
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I am restarting today, setting a goal for 7 weeks. I don't eyeball portions well so I am measuring a little more until I get a better understanding of portion sizes.
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Getting started
My husband and I are starting next week just trying to get started. Looking at recipes and seeing what to eat and then making sure we have what we need. So good luck to us!:)
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Good Morning
I had a decent weekend and managed to stick to my diet reasonably well. I almost gave in to my emotions yesterday but I stopped and went for another walk instead. It helped a lot.
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started by 1kathyr, 2 years ago.   
Hi everyone
I actually have about 60 pounds to lose but I also am looking for an active group for people in my age group. I struggle with mild depression and emotional eating. It doesn't help that I am currently ...
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Weekend eating
I have The hardest time on the weekend with food, I eat really well all week long. Then Saturday comes along and my husband wants to go to five guys or his favorite Mexican place. Well there I go ordering ...
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Bad Weekend
I really let my emotions get to me this weekend. I have decided to start meditating every day. I remember that helped and I'm not sure why I stopped. (Maybe I thought I no longer needed the help? I ...
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New to group!
Hi everyone, I'm Greg from Illinois. I have been weight reducing since October 2011 and have been using Fat Secret since I heard about it in December 2011. I started out at 342 pounds in October ...
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