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Enough is enough
I reached the 199 mark the week I got married. On 9/24 I said enough is enough - I'm not reaching 200 so I started eating right and walking 3+ miles a day during my lunch at work. So far I've ...
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started by Jewels4.   
New to this Group
I am 50 and I'm on a plateau. I have lost 40lbs in the last 2 years but have been struggling and giving up and struggling.....for over a year now to get below the 225 mark. I am trying to build up ...
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New Member
Hi I have recently started dieting again!!! I started Atkins and they told me to join this group. So here I am. I am 58 yrs old soon to be 59. I weigh 233 down from 244. Probably the wrong group to be ...
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Ganing but should be losing
Hey, im new to the site and i try to lose 50 lbs but i end up gaining. Can someone help me? I eat and work out right!! HELP!!:!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
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I Am Also New To The Group
Hi! Wow! I joined fatsecret about 2 months ago but have been so busy that haven't had the opportunity to get online much...My life has kind of settled down a bit and now Im looking forward to check ...
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New here
Hi! I'm almost 54, and working (slowly) to lose 40 lbs. My doctor has encouraged me to lose in hopes that I will be able to discontinue diabetes and bp meds. I am most definitely a stress eater, ...
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belly fat
I don't believe in the philosophy of spot training but I've lost inches and pounds everywhere but the spare tire region. I'm tired of being an apple figured gal. Any sugestions for moving ...
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New to the Group
New to the Group but not to the issues - occassionally need reassurance that I'm not alone in this struggle...
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Lost over 50, 35 to go
Hi fellow 50-somethings...It gets harder at this age, doesn't it? I remember when I could diet and lose 3-4 lbs a week easily. I'm determined though, to not spend the rest of my life fat, and to ...
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New to this group
Hi, I just joined this site yesterday, I like that you can exchange recipes along with diet secrets and posts. That is always motivating for me to read other people's diet successes!:) Everyone, ...
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Hello, new to group too!
I just found you. I'm ready to shake off this extra 35 pounds that has just been sneaking its way...For me it's starvation weight. I tend to skip meals and I know that's not good. So this ...
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started by shellrm.   
I'm plugging back into FatSecret after some time off. I lost 30 lbs on a vegan diet and regular running but became inactive after hip surgery in March of this year. I was well on my way to a 185 lb ...
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Pithy but useful quotes
Unabashedly stolen from Craigslist's Diet Forum: "Be the change you want to make in the world." -Gandhi "Nothing tastes better than health." -fridge note of a friend "Use ...
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started by westcoastbroke, 3 years ago.   
New Member - Hi
Hi. I am a 51 year old overweight male from New Zealand who is starting a new journey in life. Am on 9 week Couch to 5k challenge and tomorrow start a 2 week No snacks or candy challenge plus a 12 week ...
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New to the group as of 5 minutes ago.
Hi 50 somethings. My name is Lucy...I am 55 years old and I understand what a lot of you are saying about the tire roll in the middle. I hate it!! it seems to get bigger and bigger every year, yet the ...
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started by Lucy0324.