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Sliding back to old habits
I have lost 45our pounds and have 30 to go but i have been slipping back to old habits. Not wuit sure what to do to stop the sliding.
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started by Code 99.   
First Time Posting
Have been a member for years...but am now at an all time high (or low) weight-wise. Thought I'd join a group for moral support. I seem to be able hold firm through lunch, but then when the dinner ...
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started by MadDog55.   
Hi everyone - I'm 55years old, live in UK and new here
I downloaded the Fatsecret App to my Kindle, then discovered that I could do things online like adding my own recipes and having the site work out the nutritional information, so I'm starting again ...
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Acknowledging the stage of life needs...
Hello, I was just saying to my tubby husband (who is shedding his kg as well) that the acceptance of our life stage is concretely accepting that I cannot have all that wine any more, nor the quantities ...
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started by Ladyfilosopher, 3 years ago.   
Did this two years ago and am on a crash course of gaining it all back. Got down to 199 at one point, maintained 200/205 for almost two years ( not to goal but not bad) Have gained and weigh 222 this ...
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started by maineland, 3 years ago.   
New to group and conscious, mindful dieting
Hi! I need to lose 40 lb's. I am somewhat restricted as to activity levels due to spinal injury, (can't run or swim like I used to), but am still somewhat active with two horses to care for and ...
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started by Ama Barb, 3 years ago.   
Hi All
Hi, Just new both to FatSecret and this group. It's a new year with new goals and I thought I would try a new site as well. So far so good. Yes my desire is to lose 25 pounds but I will achieve ...
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started by wmiller77.   
Need to lose weoght!!!
IO am really excited about joining this group.
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started by deej, 3 years ago.   
My trainer has selected me as a participant in his newest fitness challenge, and I'm very excited. He's a great trainer, but I fear letting him (and me) down because I struggle to find the time ...
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started by me better.   
Not killing myself just being consistant - join me?
Hi, Im new here but actually quietly determined to get strong, increase my endurance and hopefully Lose weight. I have never been an excerciser and always felt too self conscious to go to the gym. I r ...
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started by procrastinatorx, 3 years ago.   
New Here
Hello everyone, I am very new here. I am a 55 year old female, who starts her new life to better health tomorrow. Thanks for letting me join this group.
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started by centurions6, 4 years ago.   
Diagnosed as a Diabetic (Type 2) 3 months ago and told to lose weight. Never dieted before and was very reluctant, started at 105kg and got down to 90kg in the first 2 months by cutting out fats mostl ...
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started by Yendori, 4 years ago.   
I hope everyone had a fun and healthy Thanksgiving. I joined Fatsecret a couple weeks ago, and I'm impressed with this website and the people here. I'm still getting used to the name. Fatsecret. ...
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started by brettthibault.   
New member, Hello!
:| Just want to say hello. I have dieted or simply dealt with weight variations on my own for my whole life. I did ok but now, post 50 years old and it is really getting to be a challenge. My joints hurt, ...
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started by Ladyfilosopher.   
updating the food referencing table
Wow!:shock: I was impressed when Tesco's Venison sausages showed up on the food table. I saw that it had been posted by a member so, when an item I love and eat often did not show up I did my duty. ...
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started by Ladyfilosopher, 4 years ago.