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New to Fat Secret and Atkins
Hi I just started the Atkins Diet with my husband 6 days ago. I really like it. I did Atkins about 10 years ago but, just did the normal salad for lunch, a cup of beans for dinner and a chicken brea ...
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weak day
anybody get so tired that during the day it is so hard to stay with it? any suggestions? I am having a really tired day and am giving into some carbs that I should not be desiring.
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Staying committed
Anyone have suggestions for staying committed and resisting temptations.
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Starting Over !
Hello I did this a year ago lost 44 lbs. I thought I had it all figured out and could do it on my own,uh what a joke I put it all back on plus 3 more lbs. so thats a total of 47.6 lbs. So I'm here ...
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work in progress...^_^
Hey Everybody...I'm Darlene from Balrimore (Go Ravens!!!) :d Well I too have been on Fatsecret for quite sometime, but i had left for awhile as I had to have several surgeries and between not being ...
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New here
Trying to lose 15-20 lbs by March 15 doing Atkins. I'm discouraged and bored with this diet. Have only lost 5.5lbs in 2weeks. I was hoping for more. I am exercising and staying true to the diet... ...
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Low Carb Confidential
I found another interesting web site out there. I like like his writing tone & style. Pretty humerus. I also tried his recipe "The World’s Simplest Low Carb ...
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Is there any person who feels successful reaching their ideal weight....
who would help me on my course project? That was a long title so I will explain better. I am training as contemporary psychotherapist and I decided that the topic of our final course project would be ...
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started by Ladyfilosopher, 4 years ago.   
I've been here a while but never took the opportunity to post. Eating is the destiny that shapes our ends!!! Hoping all of us in 2013 will be seeing less of each other!!!! Gods Speed and Be Well!!!!
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started by TAIC69, 4 years ago.   
Sliding back to old habits
I have lost 45our pounds and have 30 to go but i have been slipping back to old habits. Not wuit sure what to do to stop the sliding.
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First Time Posting
Have been a member for years...but am now at an all time high (or low) weight-wise. Thought I'd join a group for moral support. I seem to be able hold firm through lunch, but then when the dinner ...
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Hi everyone - I'm 55years old, live in UK and new here
I downloaded the Fatsecret App to my Kindle, then discovered that I could do things online like adding my own recipes and having the site work out the nutritional information, so I'm starting again ...
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Acknowledging the stage of life needs...
Hello, I was just saying to my tubby husband (who is shedding his kg as well) that the acceptance of our life stage is concretely accepting that I cannot have all that wine any more, nor the quantities ...
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started by Ladyfilosopher, 4 years ago.   
Did this two years ago and am on a crash course of gaining it all back. Got down to 199 at one point, maintained 200/205 for almost two years ( not to goal but not bad) Have gained and weigh 222 this ...
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started by maineland, 4 years ago.   
New to group and conscious, mindful dieting
Hi! I need to lose 40 lb's. I am somewhat restricted as to activity levels due to spinal injury, (can't run or swim like I used to), but am still somewhat active with two horses to care for and ...
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started by Ama Barb, 4 years ago.