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New Here
Hello everyone, I am very new here. I am a 55 year old female, who starts her new life to better health tomorrow. Thanks for letting me join this group.
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started by centurions6, 3 years ago.   
Diagnosed as a Diabetic (Type 2) 3 months ago and told to lose weight. Never dieted before and was very reluctant, started at 105kg and got down to 90kg in the first 2 months by cutting out fats mostl ...
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started by Yendori, 3 years ago.   
I hope everyone had a fun and healthy Thanksgiving. I joined Fatsecret a couple weeks ago, and I'm impressed with this website and the people here. I'm still getting used to the name. Fatsecret. ...
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started by brettthibault.   
New member, Hello!
:| Just want to say hello. I have dieted or simply dealt with weight variations on my own for my whole life. I did ok but now, post 50 years old and it is really getting to be a challenge. My joints hurt, ...
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started by Ladyfilosopher.   
updating the food referencing table
Wow!:shock: I was impressed when Tesco's Venison sausages showed up on the food table. I saw that it had been posted by a member so, when an item I love and eat often did not show up I did my duty. ...
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started by Ladyfilosopher, 3 years ago.   
Take the challenge
Join the Christmas and New Year Holiday countdown. Lets not gain that "holiday weight" this year. Your New Years Resoultion won't be to lose the weight you just gained. Lets stay motivated ...
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started by xXSpicyTunaXx, 3 years ago.   
I feel like I am falling apart :(
I'll be 59 soon and wonder if being post menopausal is causing me to feel below par. I feel physically weak and achey (joints mainly). Also, in the past year I have developed spots across my sho ...
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started by Rindaloo.   
50 Something and New to Group
Hello Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! Just found this website today and hoping it will help. Long slow struggle trying to get this weight off and not much progess. I figure that all of you have been ...
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started by lilymay51, 3 years ago.   
Day 1
Feeling motivated..need to lose 40lbs, and determined that this time I will be successful.:d
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started by Laurencia120, 3 years ago.   
New to Fat Secret and to this group
Hi everyone. I am so happy to have found Fat Secret and I hope it will be the motivation I need to stay on track with my weight loss goals. I would like to lose about 20 more pounds. I have lost 15 ...
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started by shonari.   
New to FatSecret and also this group
Hello everyone. I am so excited to be here. I moved across the country one year ago yesterday. I am surrounded by young fit college students, and only know one person here that is closer to my age, but ...
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started by Oh-SusieQ.   
I'm new to the group. I discovered FatSecret several days ago and am finding it a great source to learn more about nutrition. I have never really examined the fat content in the "good for you ...
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started by philanddeb, 3 years ago.   
Enough is enough
I reached the 199 mark the week I got married. On 9/24 I said enough is enough - I'm not reaching 200 so I started eating right and walking 3+ miles a day during my lunch at work. So far I've ...
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started by Jewels4.   
New to this Group
I am 50 and I'm on a plateau. I have lost 40lbs in the last 2 years but have been struggling and giving up and struggling.....for over a year now to get below the 225 mark. I am trying to build up ...
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started by kita2.   
New Member
Hi I have recently started dieting again!!! I started Atkins and they told me to join this group. So here I am. I am 58 yrs old soon to be 59. I weigh 233 down from 244. Probably the wrong group to be ...
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started by grammyof7.